Partner Recipes

Stasher: Pesto Chicken Sandwich

This Tasty Pesto Chicken Sandwich is perfect for your next picnic, or as a ready-to-go dinner from home. The basil pesto is nut-free!

Souper Cubes: Traditional Shakshuka

Enjoy eggs poach in a simmering mixture of tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic and onions for a classic Mediterranean dish. Freeze any leftover Shakshuka sauce in Souper Cubes for next time.

LeParfait: Pears In Syrup

Preserved pears are delightful any time of year. Choose light, medium or heavy fruit syrup to preserve in Le Parfait Super jars.

LeParfait: Moroccan Carrot Pickles

Carrots with oriental flavors are delicious! And by using fermentation to preserve them they retain their nutritional benefits for longer and provide probiotics with health benefits.

Durant: Beet, Orange, And Olive Salad

Sweet beets and oranges sing when tossed with olives and crisp, pungent radicchio. Thank you, Durant Vineyards, for sharing this amazing recipe with us!

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