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KOIN Rick Wright Interview
How We Bring Local Products to You – Market of Choice
In this Everyday Northwest TV interview with Portland's The CW Reporter Nicole DeCosta, Market of Choice Owner and CEO Rick Wright talks about our support of local makers in Oregon.
Entangled Biome
Entangled Biome – Eugene
Dean Foor, owner of Entangled Biome in Eugene, has used his background in environmental engineering and fermentation science to good effect in creating SweeTinctures, an innovative line of probiotic-rich fermented hemp tinctures.
Oregon Soap Company
Oregon Soap Company – Portland
Life is not just about soap for Oregon Soap Company’s founder Gregg Arnell of Portland. It’s about being a responsible environmental steward and producing soap in the cleanest, most renewable way possible, and the ethos of his company reflects this stewardship.
Koa Roots
Koa Roots – Sandy
Robert Batulayan and Kristy Mollena are all about family, and their Sandy-based company, Koa Roots, reflects their strong family bonds. As a small business, they rely on family members in Oregon and visiting family members from Hawaii to help with the small-batch production of their fruit butters and smoked brown butters.
Portland Pet Food Company – Portland
With her background in nutrition, Katie McCarron launched Portland Pet Food Company, with the goal of producing all natural pet foods and pet treats for dogs and cats. Find a selection of Portland Pet Food Company’s all natural pet foods at your Market of Choice.
Flourish Spices & African Food – Salem
Flourish Spices & African Food in Salem, produces packaged African foods with the goal of making African food more accessible for everyone to enjoy.
Cascadia Creamery
Cascadia Creamery – Trout Lake, Washington
John Shuman was in search of quality raw milk cheeses when he decided to make his own. “I couldn’t find one that I liked,” recalls John, who with his wife, Marci Ebeling, made Cascadia Creamery a reality, specializing in aged, raw, certified organic cow’s milk cheeses.
5 Fermented Foods to Try for Better Health
Various cultures across the globe have been fermenting food and drink for more than 6,000 years. What began as a method for food preservation was soon recognized for its benefit to nutrition, flavor enhancement and medicinal properties.
Rise and Shine with Alternative Grain Cereals
You’ll find plenty of alternative grain cereals at your local Market. Read on to get the whole scoop on our favorite brands.