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Flavorful Funk of Fermentation
Fermentation puts the “funk” in the foods and drinks we love. Kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, wine, beer, sourdough bread and yogurt, to name a few, are prized not only for their wide variety of “funky” flavors but also for their probiotic health benefits.
Peoria Gardens
Peoria Gardens - Albany
Peoria Gardens in Albany, Oregon, has been growing quality greenhouse plants since 1982. This family-owned nursery sprouted in the backyard of current president and owner Ben Verhoeven’s father and has since grown to nine acres.
Summer Camping
Make Your Campsite a Home Away from Home
When preparing for your next camping trip, head to your Market to find everything you want to make your outdoor adventures safe, fun and delicious, and create a campsite that feels like home away from home.
Oregon Flowers
Oregon Flowers – Aurora
To the Meskers family, the rows of glimmering state-of-the-art greenhouses harboring endless varieties of blossoms under Oregon sunshine are the realization of a dream come true.
Whitney Jayne
Artist Whitney Jayne - Bend
For Whitney Jayne, her art is about making connections, and she likes to paint favorite Oregon vistas, “the places people go and make memories.” In rekindling shared experiences, she hopes to strengthen bonds we feel for nature, animals and each other.
Mad Hippie
Mad Hippie – Portland
For a decade, the family-owned skin-care and cosmetics business Mad Hippie of Portland has carefully crafted products free of harmful ingredients while remaining a dedicated steward of the environment.
Bornstein Seafood
Bornstein Seafoods
Established in 1934, Bornstein Seafoods focuses on quality and sustainability in their pursuit to provide the very best wild-caught, Pacific Northwest seafood. Independent and family-owned, just like Market of Choice, Bornstein puts its customers, employees, and the responsible treatment of our ocean resources first.
Mizuba Tea
Mizuba Tea Co. - Portland
Charmed by the peaceful tea fields of Uji, Japan, Lauren Purvis made it her mission to share her fondness for matcha tea with her own Portland community, through the meaningful connections she’s made overseas.
Flamingo Ridge Farm
Flamingo Ridge Farm - Gaston
For more than 30 years, Flamingo Ridge Farm in Gaston, Oregon, has been growing exceptional produce, including Oregon Star tomatoes and romaine lettuce, on its acreage about an hour southwest of Portland.
Our produce aisles are brimming with seasonal, organic fruits and veggies!
Here, at Market of Choice, we pride ourselves on providing the freshest seasonal produce, and summer’s bounty is no exception. Market of Choice customers can be assured that the locally-grown, organically-certified produce we carry is of the highest quality.
A Diet Low in FODMAPs
Maybe you’ve started to notice a pattern. You love to cook with onions, but each time you eat foods prepared with them your stomach is upset. You feel bloated, gassy, and in some cases, really ill.
The Cracker King
New Online Vendor Guide aims to support local makers
As part of our ongoing efforts to offer customers more local choices, we’re working with purpose to make it even easier to onboard new Oregon food and beverage makers.
Alesong Beer
Market Paloma Alesong Brewing Collaboration
Made for summer, ready in spring. Our refreshing, citrusy craft brew collaboration with Ale Song Brewing (named Best Small Brewer, 2021 Oregon Beer Awards) is now in stores and ready for your thirsty palate.
Vegan grilling tips and tricks
From panini to kebabs and salads to desserts, vegan grilling is a great way to celebrate the bounty of the summer season, sans meat.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream. Who Wants Ice Cream?
Few treats say summer like ice cream! Cold, creamy and oh-so-soothing on a hot day, ice cream is perfect any time, be it for dessert, as a snack, or just because you want ice cream.
Battling hunger: MOC food donations support ACCESS distribution network
Our Market of Choice stores in Ashland and Medford recently began to donate food to ACCESS, a nonprofit that distributes food to 22 emergency food pantries in southern Oregon’s Jackson County.
What's On The Grill
What's On The Grill
Grilling is one of our favorite warm-weather pastimes! Firing up the grill is a great way to cook something delicious and keep the kitchen cool. No matter what kind of grill you have, we’re here to provide all the inspiration you need to have a sensational summer outside.
Gluten-Free Blueberry Avocado Muffin
Tips for Baking Gluten Free
For someone living with gluten intolerance, baking can be a tricky exercise, from choosing the right flour to figuring out how to build a good structure minus that powerful binding agent called gluten.
Linn Benton Food Share
Food Donations Build Corvallis Community Connections
Six days a week at our Corvallis Market of Choice, our teammates gather up foods throughout the store to be donated to Linn Benton Food Share to be given to community members in need.
Heavenly Fire Salsa
Heavenly Fire Salsa - Southern Oregon
Artisan-crafted Heavenly Fire Salsa combines the heat of jalapeños and other fiery peppers, along with tomatoes, lime, cilantro, onion, bell peppers and spices to create salsas that are mild to wild.
Summer Beverages
Raise A Cold Drink to Celebrate the Arrival of Sunny Days
Summer is just around the corner and that will have many reaching for their favorite beverages to cool down. Today’s options for complex, richly flavorful drinks extend well past the beer and wine aisles and into the cooler, where upscale teas, sodas, healthful choices and CBD beverages diversify your choices.
Built Oregon
Built Oregon
It can be challenging to get a consumer product into a store and in front of potential customers. The mission of the nonprofit Built Oregon is to connect, support and accelerate consumer product businesses in Oregon, says director Mitch Daugherty.
Lillie Belle
Lillie Belle Farms Handmade Chocolates - Central Point
Lille Belle Farms Handmade Chocolates, of Central Point, Oregon, has been selling its fine-crafted chocolates at Market of Choice since 2006. Owner and head chocolatier, Jeff Shepherd, says it’s the attention to detail that sets Lillie Belle’s chocolates apart.
MOJO Program
MOJO Program
We hold a special place in our hearts for local maker start-ups. We offer them guidance, development support, distribution solutions and amplification whenever possible. By supporting these food and beverage entrepreneurs, we’re contributing to the health and vitality of our local food system.
Allergy Tips
Tips For Surviving Allergy Season
Blooming flowers, fresh-cut grass, warm, sunny, breezy days ̶ these are the signs of spring Oregonians look forward to when winter ends. We can’t wait to get outside and do all the outdoor activities we love … until those other signs of spring have sprung: itchy and watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing.
Oregon Wine Month
Oregon Wine Month
Oregon Wine Month is here! It’s the perfect time to explore some of the many special wines produced in our great state. Join us for Oregon Wine Month and taste your way across Oregon!
Blossom Barn Cidery
Blossom Barn Cidery - Grants Pass
Blossom Barn Cidery, makers of pear-based ciders called perries, is located in the Applegate Valley of southern Oregon, where pears have been commercially harvested since the 1880s.
Killer Keto
Killer Keto Snacks - Ashland
Angie Farynnyk, owner of Killer Keto Snacks in Ashland, Oregon, is passionate about nutritious and wholesome food. Focused on creating grain-free, low-carbohydrate, nutritious seed-based snack crackers, she chooses only the highest quality ingredients.
Herbs and Spices: Beyond Flavoring Our Food
Herbs and spices have had a long history of flavoring and coloring food. Fresh green basil, for example, adds aroma, flavor and color to an otherwise plain slice of pizza. A sprinkling of fresh or dried rosemary does wonders for roasted potatoes.
Getting the nutrition you need when you’re lactose intolerant
What may be creamy, comforting indulgences for some is anything but comfortable for those with lactose intolerance. Dairy foods – no matter how tempting – may trigger digestive discomfort that can range from mild to severe.
XXcelerate offers a uniquely powerful combination of business education, peer support and a pathway to financing for women. At Market of Choice, we are honored to join forces with and support this organization to elevate women makers in Oregon.
Aesthete Tea
Aesthete Tea - Portland
Aesthete Tea is a woman- and BIPOC-owned tea maker, founded in Portland by Briana Thornton in 2017. You'll find a variety of delicious, drinkable Aesthete teas at your Market of Choice.
Renata Pizza
Renata Pizza Frozen Pizzas - Portland
Well-known to Portland’s central east side, Renata restaurant has been serving hand-made pastas and wood-fired pizzas to its customers for more than five years.
Keto Pizza
Superfoods for a low-carb, diabetic diet
Diet is important to all of us, but it’s especially important if you or a loved one has diabetes. When it comes to managing your blood sugar, knowing how much hidden sugar is found in common foods becomes very important.
High Desert Food Farm Alliance Partner
Market of Choice Sponsors High Desert Food & Farm Alliance
Everyone deserves good food. That fundamental belief drives High Desert Food & Farm Alliance’s work in Central Oregon. The Bend-based nonprofit serves more than 39,000 food-insecure residents in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties.
Going green: How plants can become the center of your plate
If you’ve considered cutting back on the amount of meat you eat, you’re not alone. For years, medical professionals have been urging us to consume more fruits and vegetables, and it’s clear that more and more people are giving it a go.
The Cracker King
Cracker King Gluten-Free Artisan Crackers - Portland
A Good Food Award winner and certified gluten-free, Cracker King crackers are made with the highest quality whole grains and wholesome ingredients. Founder Jovani Prince’s mission is to make you happy with each and every bite.
Take Two Foods
Take Two Foods Plant-Based Barley Milk - Portland
Meet Jerek Theo Lovey and Matt Olsofsky, co-founders of Take Two Foods in Portland, Oregon. Together, they’ve created the first-ever barley milk. Creamy and nutrient-rich, it’s made with the highest quality plant-based ingredients, including rejuvenated barley.
Tobys Family Foods
What is a localvore?
We all know food tastes best when it’s fresh. There’s nothing like the bite of an apple plucked from the tree or the crunch of a carrot shortly after it’s pulled from the loamy earth. Fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of ripeness not only taste great, but they’re full of nutrients.
Blue Cheese
Celebrating the Oregon Cheese Festival
Market of Choice was proud to be a sponsor and participant of the Oregon Cheese Festival, which has become one of the largest events of its kind in the United States. Held in Central Point, Oregon, the Oregon Cheese Festival draws artisan cheesemakers, vintners, brewers and more from near and far.
Protein Alternatives
What are healthy protein alternatives?
We all know protein is an important part of our diet, but when we think of protein-rich foods, most of us are likely to think of beef, chicken and other meats. Fortunately, there are a lot of other options.
Chocolate Library
17th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival
As sponsors of the 17th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival, we were elated to virtually present alongside fellow chocolate experts and share what it is that makes our curated selection so special.
JEM Organics
JEM Organics - Bend
JEM Organics is a gem in the world of nut butters. Based in Bend, this forward-thinking, plant-based, planet-conscious business creates ridiculously delicious, certified-organic nut butters using the finest ethically sourced ingredients.
West Linn Produce Manager Kathryn
Kathryn loved Market of Choice before she ever working here. Lured to the store by her husband, she used to walk the aisles of our West Linn Market and ooh and aah at all of the offerings. “It’s such a beautiful store with so many beautiful products,” she says.
Delta Oaks Assistant Produce Manager Phil
As a kid growing up on a farm in west Eugene, Phil remembers coming home from school during harvest season and heading out to the barn to find all the pears laid out on newspapers across the wooden floor.
Cedar Mill Cook Safae
Growing up in Morocco, Safae learned from her mother how to cook traditional Moroccan dishes, like tagine and couscous, made with fantastic spices.
Chris People of Market of Choice
Cedar Mill Beverage Steward Chris
For a beverage aficionado, working at Market of Choice is truly a dream come true. Keeping up with the latest trends in wine, beer and coffee is definitely one of the perks of the job.
Cedar Mill Assistant Beverage Manager Kristin
Kristen brought a full glass of knowledge with her when she joined our Beverage team, having worked at several wineries and breweries.
Ashland Assistant Store Manager Cedric
You might say Cedric has been on the fast track for success. After excelling as an athlete at Southern Oregon University, he posted a 400-meter time that earned him a USA Track & Field Masters national championship in 2019.
Meaningful Marketplace
Market Of Choice Sponsors The Meaningful Marketplace Podcast
The Meaningful Marketplace is a podcast that focuses on stories of hope and inspiration from food startups in Oregon and from around the world. As a proud sponsor of the podcast, Market of Choice invites you to tune in each week for a new episode.
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day Dinner Guide
Want to impress your special someone this Valentine’s Day? We make it easy for you to put together the perfect romantic dinner. From cheese and wine to steak and lobster tails, we have an assortment of choices that your sweetheart will fall head over heels for, including dessert!
Get Juicing
Market of Choice Fresh Juice and Smoothie Recipes
Fresh-made juices are a wonderful and appetizing way to enjoy fruits and vegetables. We recommend using an Omega juicer but any juicer with low RPMs will help retain nutrients.
Quady North
Quady North Winery - Jacksonville
Quady North Winery of Jacksonville, Oregon, was founded in 2006 by husband-and-wife team Herb and Meloney Quady. A talented second-generation winemaker, Herb and his team specialize in small-lot, single-vineyard wines.
Vintners Kitchen
Vintner's Kitchen - Talent
Meet Owner Rob Steuk, who shares his family's passion for cooking and combining wine and spirits to make unique jams, jellies, mustards, sauces, salts and rubs, which can be found at your local Market of Choice.
People of MOC Beth
Corvallis Home & Gift Manager Beth
Floral and home design are at the heart of Beth’s work every day, but it’s the special moments that she gets to be a part of that really mean the most to her.
Diana Meat and Seafood
Delta Oaks Fishmonger Diana
Diana says for much of her life, she never had much interest in cooking. But all that has changed in recent years – thanks, in part, to her job. “For the longest time, my idea of cooking was to vent the lid, put it in the microwave, dirty a fork, and that’s it,” she says.
Simone Whole Health
Belmont Whole Health Manager Simone
Having worked at Market of Choice for more than a decade, Simone believes that her role as Whole Health Manager at our Belmont store is the perfect job for her. “It’s the first and only job I’ve had in grocery, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had in my life – it really is,” she says.
Willamette Sous Chef Suku
Suku values discipline, commitment and variety in his life. He’s completed 53 marathons. He served in the Malaysian Army and in Operation Desert Storm.
Alyssa People of Market of Choice
Belmont Assistant Kitchen Manager Alyssa
Alyssa spent years as a schoolteacher, a principal and a therapist before she realized her true passion. It turned out to be something she was doing all along. “I decided I wanted to spend my time cooking,” she says.
Case Coffee
Case Coffee - Ashland
This is a coffee story that will warm your cup and your heart. Kati and Tim Case have a passion for coffee and the people who grow it. This husband-and-wife team searches the world to ethically source the most sustainable beans on Earth, paying well over Fair Trade prices to the people who grow them.
Joey's Hot Sauce
Joey's Hot Sauce - Ashland
Sparked by a simple wish, Joey’s Hot Sauce is both a sweet and spicy story, says Joey Repice. When his wife, Lisa, one day lamented that the vast majority of hot sauce labels were laden with fillers, binders and sugar, Joey leapt at the chance to create something different.
Sarah People of Market of Choice
Cedar Mill Floral Manager Sarah
As Floral Manager at our Cedar Mill Market, Sarah’s career has blossomed at Market of Choice. She’s a big fan of plants and loves being surrounded by them every day, both at work and at home. In addition to sharing her plant knowledge with customers, she cares for her own unique collection of nearly 60 houseplants.
PDX Food
Partnering to provide meals in Portland
This past holiday season, our Belmont and Cedar Mill stores in the Portland metro teamed up with two nonprofits focused on alleviating food insecurity through our donation of turkeys and through the support of our customers who donated via our Scan-A-Coupon program at checkout.
PDX Concierge
Teen’s delivery service comes through for those in need
Knowing that the pandemic has proved especially challenging for some people in higher risk categories, Neel Jain was helping out his grandmother last spring when an idea occurred to him.
Corina People of Market of Choice
Cedar Mill Assistant Bakery Manager Corina
Corina assisted her mother by gathering ingredients, stirring the pot, and cleaning up afterward. Those moments left a lasting impression on her.
Ashland Bookkeeper Kamille
Bookkeeping, as in life, is about finding the right balance – and Kamille has done just that in her role as a bookkeeper at our Ashland Market.
KJ People of MOC
Bend Beverage Steward KJ
As an experienced Beverage Steward at our Bend Market, KJ’s foremost advice is to have an open mind when choosing a bottle of wine or fresh-roasted coffee.
Cedar Mill Cashier Ralph
Ralph loves working in the grocery business as much as he loves music. He started as a bottle boy at his family’s market in 1975 making $2.15 an hour.
Cedar Mill Scan Coordinator Vanessa
As a Scan Coordinator at our Cedar Mill Market, Vanessa ensures that all of your items ring up correctly at checkout.
Willakenzie Bakery Manager Diana
A Bakery Manager at our Willakenzie Market in Eugene, Diana been sharing her love of cooking and baking since she was 14 years old.
Willamette Cheese Manager Sierra
Sierra, a specialty cheese manager at our Willamette store in Eugene, recalls the day a couple approached her with an uncommon request.
Candle Collection
Seasonal Scents: Candles Create The Perfect Accent
The peaceful warmth of candlelight is a timeless way to create a welcoming mood in any room. Candles can calm or invigorate, evoke a centering sense of place or inspire renewal and creative thoughts.
Meat and Seafood
Dungeness Crab Season
The peak of Oregon Dungeness Crab season runs from December to April, with the best supply hitting your Market Meat & Seafood Department in January.
NuNaturals - Eugene
Family-owned and operated, NuNaturals found their “sweet” spot as makers of NuStevia, a premium line of plant-based stevia extracts and blends.
Riverwood Orchards
Riverwood Orchards & Farms - Monmouth
Through our Dig Local program, we work directly with small farms and orchards in Oregon to bring you the best, most unique produce throughout the season. Meet Alan Frost, manager of Riverwood Orchards & Farms in Monmouth, Oregon.
Salsa Locas
Salsa Locas - Portland
Lucy De Leon remembers traveling to the United States with her parents, Anselmo and Francisca, and her siblings as children. They were an agriculture family, but always dreamed of settling down and owning a business, making and selling their mother Francisca’s delicious, authentic recipes.
Anderson Ranches
Anderson Ranches - Brownsville
At Anderson Ranches near Brownsville, Oregon, the sheep wander free, eat when they like and grow at their own pace. Raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, they thrive in open fields with fresh air and dine on lush, green grass.
Spella Caffe
Spella Caffè - Portland
Coffee is what you put into it. For Andrea Spella, it’s heart and soul. Raised above his family’s Chicago bakery, Andrea began drinking espresso when he was old enough to raise a cup to his lips.
Rose City Pepperheads
Rose City Pepperheads - Portland
Susan McCormick’s perfectly paired passions – food and farming – come together to create farm-to-jar pepper jellies that will make your taste buds dance.
Camas County
Camas Country - Junction City
Fresh, delicious, nutritious whole-grain artisan flour from the heart of the Willamette Valley is what we use to make the whole-grain breads and rolls you’ve come to love at your Market Bakery.
Oomph Cooking Blends
Oomph Cooking Blends - Milwaukie
Dial up the character of your next dish with sensational seasoning blends, made by a women-owned and family-operated business. Crafted in Milwaukie, Oregon, with Non-GMO vegetables and herbs.
Salsa Locas
Amplify Program Spotlights BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Women Local Makers
For many years, we have supported local food and beverage makers in Oregon by helping them get to market and by telling their stories.
Cascade Brewing
Cascade Brewing Sour Ales - Portland
An innovator of sour ales, Cascade Brewing crafts fruit-forward, barrel-aged offerings that reflect the flavors of the Northwest. Founded in Portland, Cascade set out on a sour ale journey in 2005.
Little Bees Candle Company - Eugene
A love of beeswax candles and a desire to promote a sustainable culture are all the motivation Katie and Matt Glyer needed to launch Little Bees Candle Company.
What is Organic?
At Market of Choice, one of the many choices you’ll discover is the option to purchase organic products, including produce, beef and poultry, and many other foods and beverages, from cereal to dairy products.
Paleo Keto Graphic
Paleo & Keto Living
In recent years, both keto and paleo lifestyles have become popular among those seeking a healthier way to eat. Proponents say either can help you lose weight and feel more energized.
Living Gluten-Free
Here you will find answers to some basic questions about gluten. We hope it will make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. We offer hundreds of products for those who live gluten-free, from pastas, breads and beverages to sauces, snacks and kid-friendly favorites.
Helping Hungry Neighbors
Helping Hungry Neighbors
Last year, we donated over a half-million meals to Oregon food pantries through donations of high-quality, unsold food. In every community we serve, we’ve partnered with a local food bank to make significant contributions to reduce hunger.
Cape Blanco Cranberries
Cape Blanco Cranberries - Port Orford
Sweet-tart cranberries are the Puhl family's bread and butter. First planted in 1993, Cape Blanco Cranberries are grown in Port Orford, along the beautiful southern Oregon Coast.
Scan program and food donations provide over 1 million meals
Market of Choice customers make monetary contributions to their local food bank through our Scan-a-Coupon program every day. At checkout, customers are able to choose the amount they would like to donate and add it to their grocery bill, then use the receipt for tax deduction purposes. It’s an easy way to help hungry neighbors.
Halloween Goody Basket
Halloween Tips & Tricks
Whether you’re trick or treating or having a fun-filled night at home, there are plenty of ways to pull off Halloween with a little help from your local Market. From candy classics to unique treats, you’ll find an array of spooktacular choices.
BIPOC local food and beverage grant recipients announced!
We are thrilled to be a supporting partner with BUILT Oregon and its grant program, which directly assists local BIPOC food and beverage makers in Oregon through funding and mentorship.
New partnerships aim to elevate food and beverage makers in Oregon
Market of Choice is excited to announce an ongoing partnership with Built Oregon and XXcelerate. Together, we provide full-circle, ongoing business support, education, funding and shelf space to BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Women food and beverage producers in Oregon.
Immunity Boosters
Immunity Boosters for Cold and Flu Season
As part of the precautions you plan to take this cold and flu season, built up your immune system with an abundance of choices found at your Whole Health Department.
Thank you to our community of donors and partners in fire relief efforts
While much of the smoke has cleared, our communities are still reeling from the damage done by the many fires that burned throughout our great state. We are sincerely moved by the outpouring of support that we have seen bestowed upon those who have lost so much. Here are some of the many ways we have worked together to help our fellow Oregonians.
Hand Sanitizer
Partnership puts hand sanitizer in the hands of young athletes
Being able to play basketball, volleyball or soccer in a safe environment has never been as important as it is now, at a time when kids are feeling isolated from their peers and are in need of physical activity.
Wood Trays
Biodegradable Wooden Trays Now Used at Market Cheese Shops
At your Market Cheese Shop, we’ve started using wooden trays made by PacnWood, a carbon-neutral company that only uses natural, organic and recyclable materials. The wood is sourced in curated forests, grown specifically for this use, and every harvested tree is replaced with a new tree.
Patty People of Market of Choice
Belmont Produce Manager Patty
Fruits, vegetables and other produce have always been a part of Patty’s life. Growing up in Molalla, she spent summers picking broccoli with friends. On weekends, she ran a small produce stand that her mother owned.
Lisa People of Market of Choice
Belmont Freight Clerk Lisa
Lisa remembers when the organic food movement first took root in Berkeley, California. Back then, small “buying clubs” worked with local farmers to bring fresh, food directly to consumers. In the following years, a “shop local” trend caught on and spread.
Medford Assistant Store Manager Jon
Jon, Medford Assistant Store Manager, encourages and strives for growth at work and in his own life. There’s rarely a day that goes by that Jon doesn’t read a book. Not just part of a book, mind you, but an entire book, cover to cover.
We are Oregon Angel Food!
We are excited to sponsor Oregon Angel Food because we have a shared commitment to the success of Oregon’s food and beverage producers.
In Honor of Patrick Lee of Pascal Affinage - Corvallis
Patrick’s passion for cheese bloomed as a child, pedaling his tricycle through the streets of Paris to reach the local cheese shop. Fascinated by the array of shapes, sizes, colors and tastes, he went on to study the craft of cheesemaking and build his own business.
Help Our Friends, Families and Neighbors
Join us in helping our friends and neighbors impacted by Oregon fires. You can donate to support Oregon’s fire-relief efforts at our cash registers. Just tell your cashier how much you would like to donate, and it will be added to your total. Any amount will help and 100% of donations will go to the following nonprofits to provide wildfire relief in Oregon communities.
Angel Hair
Market of Choice and its teammates give it their all to support the mission of the Angel Hair Foundation
Since its inception, the Angel Hair Foundation has received the support of Market of Choice in carrying out its mission to provide cranial prosthesis hair systems for Oregon children who’ve lost their hair due to medical illness.
Community Giving
Because Market of Choice believes in social responsibility, we place great importance on giving back. In this video, Rick and Debbie Wright share the heartfelt reasons why and how they’ve become involved in community giving, focused on kids and families.
Reader's Choice
Market of Choice picks up four awards in The Register-Guard Readers’ Choice
The Register-Guard Readers’ Choice Awards recognizes businesses in Eugene-Springfield across dozens of categories. The top three winners in each category are decided by a two-part process.
Felton and Mary's
Felton & Mary's - Portland
Felton and Mary Campbell were adventurous free spirits, loving grandparents, urban farmers and generous hosts who were known for turning strangers into friends and friends into family.
Good Food Merchants
The Good Food Merchants Alliance
Market of Choice is extremely proud to be a member of Good Food Merchants Alliance. Our commitment, along with others in the alliance, is to support and empower American craft food producers and each other.
Market of Choice Helps Build a Sustainable Place For Kids to Play
In 2015, when Kidsports Executive Director Bev Smith said, “We need to build a turf field and fieldhouse so that thousands of kids in our community can discover the joy of fitness and participate on a sports team in a safe, stable environment,” Rick Wright, CEO of Market of Choice said, “Let’s do it!”
Portland Creamery - Portland
Meet Shawn Fels, president of Portland Creamery, who shares his passion for making single-origin, farmstead chèvre with fresh milk that comes from an award-winning, pasture-raised herd of dairy goats in Molalla, Oregon.
Blood Drive
Blood Drive to Benefit Sickle Cell Patients Exceeds Goal
When members of our Equity and Inclusion Committee learned that the American Red Cross and Oregon Senator James Manning, Jr. wanted to coordinate a blood drive to help African American sickle cell patients, they worked with the Market of Choice Hospitality Team to make it happen.
Hibisbloom - Portland
Popular throughout West Africa, hibiscus flower tea is a tradition that Hibisbloom owner Affouet Price wanted to share with the world. This Portland-based company was started by Affouet and her mother in June 2019 to do just that.
Barnacle Foods
Barnacle Foods
Lifelong Alaskans Matt Kern and Lia Heifetz create unique foods with locally grown, harvested and foraged ingredients from the rugged woods and picturesque coastline of Juneau, Alaska. They make unique jams and jellies, as well as four kinds of kelp salsa, kelp pickles and dried kelp seasonings.
Villa Jerada
Villa Jerada - Seattle
Market of Choice works closely with local makers and importers, like Mehdi Boujrada, owner of Villa Jerada in Portland, to source the very best products from around the world and close to home.
Bloom Caramel
Bloom Caramel - Portland
Handcrafted in Portland, Bloom Caramel sauces are made with organic cane sugar, Oregon sea salt, vanilla and coconut milk. The result is a caramel that is wonderfully flavorful, vegan-friendly and free of allergens.
La Poretena
La Porteña Chimichurri - Portland
Bring abundant taste and tradition to the table with La Porteña Chimichurri. Made in Portland with locally sourced ingredients, this small-batch chimichurri is crafted from a family recipe with Argentinian roots.
Define Local Map
We Support Local
When you shop with us, you're choosing to support an independent, family-owned and operated Oregon grocery store that carries more than 7,000 local products and employs more than 1,300 Oregonians.
Equity and Inclusion Update
After CEO Rick Wright released a statement about Black Lives Matter on June 12th, we talked with nearly every team member (1,300 at all stores) and held work sessions with our Equity and Inclusion Committee (EIC) to determine actions we can take to create long-lasting positive change throughout our company.
Dress Code
Our Dress Code Practice
Instead of focusing on a symbol and individual expression, we are working on company-wide actions that we believe will make a difference and lead to change.
How to Create Sensational Summer Sangrias
Harkening way back to early Greeks and Romans, the combination of wine mixed with fruit, sugar and spices has endured over time for a reason. Typically known for its Spanish origins, Sangria is extremely adaptable – you can make it over and over again and never drink the same Sangria twice.
PDXPOP! - Portland
A subsidiary of Meals on Wheels People, PDXPOP! produces flavor-forward gourmet popcorn in small batches, featuring natural, Non-GMO ingredients. Proceeds help fund hot and nutritious meals to homebound elderly in the Portland area.
Swiss Rösti - Lake Oswego
While traveling abroad, Portlander Steve Caldwell tasted a Swiss rösti for the first time and immediately fell in love. A chef in his own right, Steve created his own crispy potato pockets bursting with warm delicious flavors.
A Message From Our CEO
A Message from Our CEO
This has been a difficult time for our nation and our community. I am saddened by the recent events, which weigh heavily on all of us. It is heartbreaking. Racial bias of any kind is unacceptable, and we must take steps to eradicate it from our communities.
Working With Purpose
Working with Purpose
At Market of Choice, we believe in working with purpose. To us, that means caring about the communities we serve and demonstrating our commitment. In this section of our blog, you will see stories about our team members and local food and beverage makers.
Fruity Iced Teas for Summer Sipping
Antioxidant-rich iced tea is the perfect way to enjoy summer on the patio. What’s even better? Add some seasonal summer fruits and you have yourself a tasty twist on a summer favorite.
Salmon Season
Salmon Season
It’s salmon season at Market of Choice! Doug Delker, Market of Choice Meat Sales Manager, explains where we source our salmon and provides some tips on easy ways to prepare this heart-healthy fish, full of Pacific Northwest flavor.
Wines of the Southern Willamette Valley
Greg, Beer and Wine Manager at our Franklin Market in Eugene, shares some of his favorite wines from the Southern Willamette Valley, one of the world’s most celebrated wine regions.
Alternative Milks
Alternative Milks
Whether you are lactose intolerant, vegan or just want to mix up your milk, your Market Barista offers alternative milk options you’re sure to love – at no extra cost!
DIY Soaps
DIY Soaps, Haircare and Skincare
Making your own soaps, hair and skincare products can be a fun and fulfilling hobby, as well as the best way to ensure that what you put on your body is made from natural ingredients. At Market of Choice, we not only sell a range of Whole Health products, but also everyday items that can be used to make DIY products to keep you clean and beautiful, naturally.
Roons - Portland
Naturally gluten-free and oh-so-good, Roons macaroons are simply marvelous! Crafted in Portland with the highest quality ingredients, they have a sweet, but not-too-sweet flavor that is sure to make you swoon.
How to Support 10 Local Businesses in a Single Shopping Trip
At Market of Choice, we believe every decision we make has a ripple effect, which is why we carry more than 7,000 products from Oregon farmers, ranchers and food producers, so that you can too.
Halibut Season
Spring is halibut season! Easy to prepare and full of good-for-you fats and minerals, halibut has a firm, but tender texture and a clean, but mild flavor that’s great on the grill with a little salt and pepper.
Easy Make-at-Home Smoothies
Whether you’re at home or on the go, smoothies are a sensational choice. Packed with good-for-you fruits and veggies, they are typically loaded with raw nutrients. And, there’s really no wrong way to make a smoothie. Enjoy one every day for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. You kids will love them, too! The key is to use a good blender and high-quality ingredients.
Seasonal Allergies
The Willamette Valley has one downside – allergies! Gwendolyn, our Whole Health sales manager, is here to offer some tips for those who suffer from itchy eyes, stuffy nose and a scratchy throat during allergy season.
Growing Herbs
4 Simple Steps to Growing Windowsill Herbs
Fresh, aromatic herbs can add a punch of flavor to your favorite dishes and growing your own is easier than you might think. If you have abundant outdoor space, try growing a variety of your favorites in the ground or in large pots.
LivBar - Portland
Need an energy boost? Whether it’s for a quick breakfast or a hiking snack, Salem-made LivBar is the solution! One of the only baked bars in the nation, this organic superfood bar has a unique, complex flavor profile that has been perfected over seven years.
Langdon Ag Wild Rice - Harrisburg
When it became clear that Oregonians needed staple goods in short supply, like rice, Market of Choice and Oregon wild rice grower Langdon Ag ramped up their partnership in the midst of the national emergency.
Missing An Ingredient
Cooking and Baking Ingredient Substitutions
When you’re in a pinch and missing a staple ingredient, consider using a suitable substitution. Depending on what you’re making, many recipes are made just as good, if not better, with alternative ingredients. You might even discover you like your stand-in ingredient more than the called-for item.
Kids Baking
6 Tips to Get Kids Cooking and Baking
With families spending so much time at home, now is a terrific time to teach kids all about the fun and fundamentals of cooking and baking. Here are six quick tips to get started.
Market Bakery Pies
We make entertaining easy as pie! Your Market Bakery offers a vast selection of high-quality, made-to-order or ready-to-serve pies. We offer an assortment of cream pies, as well as fruit pies made from local fruit fillings.
Local Coffee Roasters
Local Coffee Roasters
Feel good about what you put in your mug each morning! At Market of Choice, we care about supporting local products, which is why we offer an array of specialty coffee from around the world that’s roasted right here in Oregon.
Irish Cheese
Irish Cheese
Make your St. Paddy’s Day celebration truly authentic with Irish cheese from your Market Cheese Shop! One of our favorites is creamy Kerrygold Dubliner. With a distinct, sweet flavor, this Irish cheese is delicious on sandwiches and in recipes.
Cake Slices
Market Bakery Cake Slices are a Tasty Way to Try Something New
If you’re craving cake but don’t need a whole one, we can help you satisfy your sweet tooth! Our individual slices are a convenient treat or the perfect way to try a new flavor before committing to a full cake.
Winter Wines
Winter Wine
What’s better than wine? Wine and chocolate! Ask one of our experienced wine stewards to help you find the perfect bottle to go with your favorite chocolate. If you’re a milk chocolate lover, we recommend something on the sweeter side, like a Brachetto or a medium-bodied red, like an Oregon Pinot Noir.
Citrus Season
Citrus Season
It’s citrus season! From sweet to tart, we have a wide variety of citruses that are full of fresh flavor. Patty, produce manager at our Belmont Market, shares some of her favorite oranges. For on-the-go snacking, grab some easy-to-peal Mandarins that you and your kids will love.
Collagen is generating a bit of buzz. What are its benefits? Are there different ways to take it? Jennifer, Whole Health manager at the Willamette Market, answers all of your questions about this essential protein. Serving several functions in the body, collagen helps with skin elasticity, nails, hair and joint health.
Winter Beer
Winter Beers
It’s porter and stout season! Henry, beer and wine steward at our Bend location, suggests Alesong’s Rhino Suit, a bourbon barrel-aged stout from Eugene that exudes velvety layers of vanilla and coconut and sweet and chocolatey malt flavors. You’ll find it alongside other sensational selections at your Market Beer Shop – no two stores are the alike! In addition to a wide selection of singles, we offer draft choices for small pour or growler fills at our Bend, Belmont and Cedar Mill locations.
Winter Soups
Winter Soup Selection
Our scratch-made soups are crafted with our own recipes and the freshest ingredients. Enjoy our winter seasonal soups, like Winter Squash and White Bean or Cheddar and Hard Cider. Or, try our classics, like Chicken Noodle, Clam Chowder and Mama Leone’s – a hearty twist on classic, creamy tomato with chicken and veggies.
Dungeness Crab
Dungeness Crab
Dungeness crab season is here! Most of our seafood is sourced locally from the Oregon Coast, including our crab, says Rose Marie, seafood specialist at our Corvallis location. Whether you like it warm or cold, the taste of fresh-caught Dungeneness crab is unmatched!
Market Barista Smoothies
Give yourself a nutritional boost this winter with one of our many wholesome, delicious smoothies from your Market Barista. Rachel, a barista at our Willakenzie Market, shares in some of her favorites, like our Oregon Cranberry Smoothie or Tropical Monkey Smoothie.
Festive Ice Cubes
How To Make Festive Ice Cubes
At your Market Home & Gift Department, you’ll find an assortment of useful home and kitchen items, like large ice cube trays that are sensational for adding spice and a splash of color and to your holiday beverages!
Bakery Brunch
How to Create a Holiday Bakery Brunch
Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast? Complete your holiday brunch with sweet pastries from your Market Bakery. Emily, Bakery Manager at our Belmont location, shares some of her favorites, like our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Speciality Cheese Board
Specialty Cheese Board with Oregon Favorites
Mary, specialty cheese manager at our West Linn location, shares how easy it is to order or create a cheese board with Oregon favorites!
Wine Pairings
Holiday Wine Pairings
Wondering which wine to serve for Thanksgiving? Jim, our Willamette Market Beverage Manager, suggests a fruit-forward Beaujolais-style wine to enjoy with turkey.
Holiday Turkey
How to Select a Turkey for the Holidays
We have a high standard for the quality of our meats—turkey is no exception! All of our turkeys are free-range, antibiotic-free and perfect for your holiday feast.
Apples For Pie
The Best Apples For Pie
One of the best parts of autumn is enjoying big, juicy apples grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. One of the best ways to celebrate apple season is by making a homemade apple pie.
Barista Drinks
Market Barista Beverages
Kelsea, a barista at our Bend Market, shares insights in a few of our available drinks.
Menegon Caramel - Portland
Upon moving from Portland from France, Sylvie Menegon launched Menegon Company Caramel Sauces. Market of Choice was the first grocery store to carry her delectable French caramels, inspired by her grandmother’s French recipe. They come in three unique flavors: original Caramel, chocolate Chocamel, or coffee-flavored Caramoka. Drizzle them over ice cream or fruit, spread onto pancakes or crepes or mix into yogurt, milk or coffee. Delish!
Butternut Squash
How to Cut and Prepare Butternut Squash
Making butternut squash is a fantastic way to celebrate fall! Matthew, from our Willakenzie Market, demonstrates how to cut it and offers tips on how to prepare it.
Have You Tried Our Market Bakery Biscuits?
Great with gravy, soup, fried chicken and mashed potatoes and much more, our Market Bakery biscuits are great way to complete your meal! Diana, our Willakenzie Bakery Manager, explains why she loves these flakey, mouthwatering biscuits.
Parkinson's Recipes
Plates for Parkinson’s Healthy Foods and Perfect Pairings
The Brian Grant Foundation (BGF) is an Oregon-based nonprofit that provides proven tools to improve the well-being of people with Parkinson’s by encouraging exercise, nutrition and having a supportive community to help manage symptoms.
Parkinson's Recipes
Be Well: Recipes For People With Parkinson’s
Market of Choice Artisan Chef Greg Cabeza loves to come up with recipes that are fast, fresh and healthy, including those that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish those with Parkinson’s disease in a way that feeds the body and supports brain health.
Pair Wine And Cheese
How to Pair Wine and Cheese
Perfectly pairing wine and cheese takes a little practice and know-how, but it can be both fun and easy if you know a few key things. Austin, one of our cheese stewards, is here to explain which cheeses go best with red wine. To learn more, stop by your Market Specialty Cheese Shop and ask us about perfect pairings!
Local Culture
Local Culture and Super Belly - Bend
Local Culture and Super Belly – these two fermented products are rich in probiotic bacteria to boost your digestive and immune system health. Co-owner Billy Nick talks about how these two innovative Bend-based companies stay up to date on diet trends and create good-for-you products.
Pick An Avocado
How to Pick an Avocado
Black or green? Firm or soft? Ripe avocados are rich, flavorful and creamy, but finding the perfect one can be tricky.
How to Pick a Cantaloupe
With a floral aroma and succulent taste, cantaloupes are nature’s dessert. Phil, our Franklin Produce Clerk, explains how to pick a cantaloupe that is ripe and full of flavor.
Khalsa Salsa
Khalsa Salsa - Portland
Sukhdev Singh had never tasted salsa before he immigrated to the United States. He immediately became a fan once he tried it and began experimenting with ways to incorporate Indian spices into salsa.
Driftwest Water Kefir - Portland
Julianne Richardson, owner of Driftwest Water Kefir, creates one-of-a-kind, vegan and gluten-free drinks that are a blend of good strains of bacteria and yeast. Naturally fermented, this bubbly water kefir with a hint of fruit juice is rich in beneficial probiotics.
Lemon Drop Melon
What is a lemon drop melon?
Phil, our Franklin Produce Clerk, explains why his favorite produce this time of year is a lemon drop melon—it’s a sweet, refreshing melon with a twist!
Goat Fromage
Goat Fromage Blanc
Austin, our Corvallis Cheese Steward, shares one of his favorite cheeses, Goat Fromage Blanc by Cypress Grove. This chevre has a bright tang and smooth texture, perfect for toasted bagels or served with crackers and preserves.
Floral Bouquets
Floral Bouquets
A professional bouquet with minimal effort! Beth, the Floral Manager at our Corvallis store, explains how to easily take a fresh, exquisitely designed bouquet from your Market, chop the ends of the stems off, then add it to your favorite vase. A great centerpiece for your next dinner party!
Hoss Soss
Hoss Soss - Salem
Handcrafting “Heat you can handle” is the mission of Hoss Soss owners Matt Kuerbis and Catherine Sutherland. Matt worked as a chef at a resort in Costa Rica and was known for making hot sauce for guests. When he returned to Oregon, he decided to pursue his passion and launch a business.
Heater Allen
Heater Allen Brewing - Portland
Nothing is as satisfying on a hot summer day as a refreshing beer. Katie, our Corvallis Beer & Wine Steward, shares why her current favorite beer is Heater Allen Pils.
Ecliptic Brewing
Ecliptic Brewing - Portland
With a mission to bring high quality beer to the community, John Harris is constantly finding creative ways to add his own twist to craft beer. Based in Portland, Ecliptic Brewing was founded on John’s two passions – brewing and astronomy. Learn more from John about Ecliptic Brewing’s unique styles and flavors!
Alesong Aged Beer
Alesong Aged Beer
Did you know that beer doesn’t have to be aged in whisky barrels? Greg, the Franklin Beverage Manager, explains how Alesong, a Eugene-based brewery, uses rum, brandy and even wine barrels to make their beer. Try the unique, powerful flavors in this craft beer!
Cheese Platter
How to Make a Cheese Platter
Using a variety of cheeses, olives, fruits, cured meats and garnish, Kris, our Franklin Cheese Steward, explains the best way to put together an appetizing platter that will impress your guests.
Caldera Brewing
Caldera Brewing - Ashland
Located in Ashland, Oregon, Caldera Brewing creates handcrafted ales, lagers and sodas for the masses. Caldera was the first craft brewery on the West Coast to brew and can its own beer, igniting a canning revolution.
What's the difference between white and yellow peaches and nectarines?
Phil, our Franklin Produce Clerk, explains the difference between white and yellow peaches and nectarines. No matter how you slice them, these juicy stone fruits are fantastic!
Pick A Watermelon
How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon
It’s watermelon season! Roy is here to help you pick and prep the perfect melon. Just follow these three simple steps.
Bread Lovers
Bread Lovers German-Style Breads - Lake Oswego
When Sascha and Monique Menesi immigrated to the United States, they longed for the German-style breads they were accustomed to enjoying. So, Monique began making her own bread mixes, often in large batches, so they could bake themselves a daily loaf without the hassle of combining all the ingredients—and suddenly, a business was born.
Trail Mix
Hit the trail with Organic Mt. Rainier Trail Mix
It’s camping and hiking season, which means it’s also a great time to try a new trail mix! Amanda, Bulk Foods Manager at our Corvallis Market, is happy to recommend one of her favorites, along with a sweet tip!
Toby's Family Foods - Eugene
Toby's creates protein-rich tofu dips and spreads and delicious dressings, using organic, Non-GMO ingredients, sourced from local, independent farmers and food producers.
Bee Lucia
Bee Lucia - Portland
Less than content with the soy candles they found on the market, the Morris family decided they could do better. "We wanted to create a super clean candle with actual health benefits," says Bee Lucia Co-Founder Jameson Morris. So, he and his mother, sister and grandmother got to work.