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Kurzhal Pickles
Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles – Noti
Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles has been tempting taste buds and piquing the interest of pickle fans since their first homemade batch, based on a family recipe, back in 2010.
Salsa Garcia
Salsa Garcia – Eugene
Patricia Garcia-Rogers grew up in the small desert town of Calexico, California, just across the border from the city of Mexicali. She was raised on Baja-style cuisine where bold salsas are a large part of every dish.
Hot Winter
Hot Winter Hot Sauce – Cottage Grove
For fans of hot sauce, it doesn’t get any hotter or locally made than Shaun Winter’s Hot Winter Hot Sauces, produced in Cottage Grove.
Green Theory
Green Theory Naturals – Eugene
Tim Schley wanted to use a deodorant with all natural ingredients. He couldn’t find one on the market that did the job, so he decided to try making it himself.
Bierly Brewing – McMinnville
For those of us who must stick to the path of gluten-free foods and drink, even when we are wanting to enjoy a delicious, well-crafted beer, Bierly Brewing of McMinnville has a lineup that is all gluten-free, made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.
Hatshe Blends – Eugene
Lifelong athletes Britni Jessup and Tanja Baker founded their Eugene-based company, Hatshe Blends, to promote and to help active people maintain their activities through the topical use of CBD, or cannabidiol, one of the essential extracts from the hemp plant.
Kind Mothers Botanical
Kind Mother Botanicals – Eugene
Carrie Ellers, founder of Kind Mother Botanicals, started her business making CBD tinctures, salves and muscle balms in her kitchen.
Alesong Brewing & Blending – Eugene
Matt Van Wyk and brothers Brian and Doug Coombs are wild about making wild and natural barrel-aged beers. Their Alesong Brewing & Blending in Eugene is a testament to their patient, intentional and complex beers, which are fermented and matured in retired French oak wine barrels or retired spirits barrels.
Queens Bounty
Queen’s Bounty Honey – Eugene
Based out of their farmhouse dating to the 1870s in southwest Eugene, Jessica Jones and Scott Perkins are the beekeepers behind Queen’s Bounty Honey, that liquid gold produced by their “busy winged friends” who collect the nectars from local wildflowers and blackberry brambles all within 10 miles from their home.