Game Day Recipes

  • Beeler’s Pork: Chorizo Cheese Dip

    You’ll be reaching for the chips to taste this delicious cheesy, tangy Chorizo Cheese Dip. Diced tomatoes and green chiles give this dip an extra zing.

  • Beeler’s Pork: Bacon Wrapped Cranberry Sriracha Li’l Bites

    Wrap Beeler’s Pork Cranberry Sriracha Sausage Li’l Bites with Beeler’s Hickory-Smoked Bacon for double the fun, pork lovers. Yum! Be sure to visit Beeler’s Pork for more delicious recipes.

  • HAB Sauce: Baked HAB Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce Kimchi Chicken

    This chicken comes out so good! It’s definitely comfort food. I’ve been making this recipe for years using homemade kimchi. I made a special dinner one evening after Matt Choi passed and it was that more special to eat. I’m going to make it with Choi’s Kimchi from now on.

  • Al Pastor Style Pork Tacos

    Translated from Spanish to mean “in the style of the shepherd,” al pastor pork is traditionally spit-grilled. This easy-to-make version has the same great flavor and tender meat without the mess of a rotisserie.

  • Queso Fundido with Chorizo

    What’s not to love about ooey-gooey queso fundido? It’s easy, cheesy and delicious!

  • Echo Mountain Blue Cheese Burgers

    Our mouthwatering beef burgers are even more tasty when filled with crumbled Echo Mountain Blue Cheese.

  • Cilantro Lime Carne Asada

    Inspired by popular Mexican street foods, our crowd-pleasing recipes for Cilantro Lime Carne Asada, Elote (Mexican Street Corn) and Charred Onion and Cabbage Slaw feature fresh, simple ingredients and is perfect for al-fresco dining.

  • Chili and Beer Grilled Chicken Thighs

    This delicious, citrusy chicken is reminiscent of pollo a la parilla, served at grill shacks on the beaches of the Yucatán.

  • Kimchi, Bacon and White Cheddar Burgers

    Spicy kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage), smoky bacon, tangy sharp cheddar and juicy ground beef mingle in these flavorful burgers with a touch of heat from Sriracha Mayo.