Brunch Recipes

  • Birdseed For Humans: Gut Health Breakfast On The Go!

    Take your standard yogurt parfait to another level by adding Birdseed For Humans’ nutrient-rich sprouted buckwheat granola as the topping.

  • Josie’s Best Gluten-Free Mixes: Apple Loaf

    This delicious, gluten-free Apple Loaf will make your house smell amazing once it’s baking. It has a heavenly gooeyness inside as well as a wonderful apple, brown sugar and cinnamon topping.

  • Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles: Bloody Mary

    This Bloody Mary recipe comes to us from our local partners, the Kurzhal Family of Noti, Oregon, makers of Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles. Great for brunch or anytime, this classic drink with a twist features bacon salt, chile vodka, pickle juice and the Kurzhal’s signature mix.

  • Shrimp and Melon Ceviche in Grilled Avocado

    Oregon Bay shrimp is always a favorite treat. When mixed with melon and chiles, served in warm grilled avocados, it becomes a truly special summer meal.

  • Souper Cubes: Traditional Shakshuka

    Enjoy eggs poach in a simmering mixture of tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic and onions for a classic Mediterranean dish. Freeze any leftover Shakshuka sauce in Souper Cubes for next time.

  • Raspberry Croissant French Toast

    We all love French toast, but we decided to take it to new and delicious heights by adding croissants and ricotta to create Raspberry Croissant French Toast.

  • Fresh Basket Ricotta on Whole Wheat Toast

    Known for its smooth yet thick texture and its mild and creamy taste, Basket Ricotta’s light flavor and low salt content make it perfect for sweet or savory dishes.

  • Brunch Pan Bread with Bacon, Asparagus, Ricotta and Egg

    Loaded with fresh springtime flavors, this pan bread is sure to be a hit with kids and overnight guests. Enjoy for breakfast, brunch and get-togethers.

  • Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake

    Are you or someone one you know counting down the days until raspberry season? Satisfy the craving early with this light and moist raspberry cake. We recommend using frozen, locally grown raspberries for close-to-home quality and taste.