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When you shop with us, you’re choosing to support an independent, family-owned and operated Oregon grocer that carries more than 7,000 local products and employs more than 1,400 Oregonians. In addition to offering thousands of local products, we help many food and beverage makers get their businesses off the ground. We offer our professional advice, assist with product distribution and share their stories with you, our customers.

We also purposefully promote and celebrate our BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Women makers and partner with organizations that do the same. We define a local maker as someone who is able to deliver to our stores and return home for dinner the same day.

This full-circle philosophy of supporting local translates into healthier communities, meaningful jobs and a stronger state-wide economy. Follow along as we share local maker stories, learn more about our local programs, and stop in and see how many local products you can find!

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Through our MOJO and Amplify programs and meaningful partnerships, we support local makers by providing guidance, development support, targeted funding, distribution solutions and amplification.


Built Oregon


In our ongoing effort to elevate Oregon entrepreneurs and strengthen our food and beverage communities, we partner with passionate, like-minded organizations that uplift local food and beverage makers.


Dig Local


By partnering with Oregon farmers to help grow their farm offerings, we’re able to bring you fresh, local, unique produce throughout the season. Together, we’re cultivating a stronger food community.


Block and Blade


We develop close relationships with ranchers and fisherfolk to bring you the highest quality, best-tasting sustainably sourced seafood and humanely raised beef, pork, poultry and lamb.


Local Maker Spotlights

Fresh Fish Delivery – Newport

Newport-based fish wholesaler Kelly Hanson buys the freshest, Oregon-caught fish as it’s unloaded on the docks in Newport, Charleston and Garibaldi, packing it on ice, and delivering it directly to Market of Choice stores.

Mt. Hope Farms – Molalla

Mike Ellis grew up on the farmland that was his grandpa’s in Molalla, Oregon, and has carried on the family’s farming tradition at Mt. Hope Farms, learning the ropes from the time he was old enough to operate farm equipment, he says.

Entangled Biome – Eugene

Dean Foor, owner of Entangled Biome in Eugene, has used his background in environmental engineering and fermentation science to good effect in creating SweeTinctures, an innovative line of probiotic-rich fermented hemp tinctures.

Oregon Soap Company – Portland

Life is not just about soap for Oregon Soap Company’s founder Gregg Arnell of Portland. It’s about being a responsible environmental steward and producing soap in the cleanest, most renewable way possible, and the ethos of his company reflects this stewardship.

Koa Roots – Sandy

Robert Batulayan and Kristy Mollena are all about family, and their Sandy-based company, Koa Roots, reflects their strong family bonds. As a small business, they rely on family members in Oregon and visiting family members from Hawaii to help with the small-batch production of their fruit butters and smoked brown butters.

Portland Pet Food Company – Portland

With her background in nutrition, Katie McCarron launched Portland Pet Food Company, with the goal of producing all natural pet foods and pet treats for dogs and cats. Find a selection of Portland Pet Food Company’s all natural pet foods at your Market of Choice.

Cascadia Creamery – Trout Lake, Washington

John Shuman was in search of quality raw milk cheeses when he decided to make his own. “I couldn’t find one that I liked,” recalls John, who with his wife, Marci Ebeling, made Cascadia Creamery a reality, specializing in aged, raw, certified organic cow’s milk cheeses.

Proud Mary Coffee – Portland

Nolan and Shari Hirte started Proud Mary Coffee in Melbourne, Australia, in 2009, then expanded their coffee roaster business to Portland about five years ago, bringing their impressive range of Mild, Curious and Wild coffee blends to the coffee-loving Pacific Northwest.

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