Plant-Based Recipes

From Bakon to JUST Eggs, plant-based breakfast foods are the real deal

Vegans who adhere to a plant-based lifestyle leave meat products off their plates, but thanks to an expansion in innovative, plant-based foods to meet the growing demand, the makings for a fully plant-based breakfast, including bacon-like “meat” and eggy-tasting “eggs,” is perfectly possible.

Serve a Flavorful Brunch with Plant-Based Flair

If you’ve recently switched to a plant-based diet, your focus on foods that come from plant sources and those that are minimally processed won’t make planning your next brunch as challenging as you might think.

Pescatarian diet makes catch of the day count

Those who are looking to carve out a healthier lifestyle could consider the pescatarian diet. Pescatarians avoid meat and poultry, choosing instead to eat fish and seafood, along with the foods that vegetarians commonly eat – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, dairy and eggs.

Blue Bus Cultured Foods – Bingen, WA

Owners Kristin and Colin Franger have been experimenting with their own adventurous tastebuds in their home kitchen for years. In 2014, they took the leap to launch Blue Bus Cultured Foods, naming their business for their beloved 1973 Volkswagen bus, their faithful vehicle on numerous camping trips in their younger days.

Vegan grilling tips and tricks

From panini to kebabs and salads to desserts, vegan grilling is a great way to celebrate the bounty of the summer season, sans meat.

Herbs and Spices: Beyond Flavoring Our Food

Herbs and spices have had a long history of flavoring and coloring food. Fresh green basil, for example, adds aroma, flavor and color to an otherwise plain slice of pizza. A sprinkling of fresh or dried rosemary does wonders for roasted potatoes.

Going green: How plants can become the center of your plate

If you’ve considered cutting back on the amount of meat you eat, you’re not alone. For years, medical professionals have been urging us to consume more fruits and vegetables, and it’s clear that more and more people are giving it a go.

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