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Smoky Mary
For Bitter For Worse: Zero Proof Cocktails To Make At Home
Ashley Howard, host for KOIN TV’s Everyday Northwest, joins Shelley Elkovich, owner of Portland’s For Bitter For Worse nonalcoholic cocktails, and Marni Furse, Market of Choice beverage manager, in the Market of Choice Kitchen to concoct some delicious Zero Proof drinks you’ll find easy to make at home with a few simple ingredients.
Oregon Beer
February is Oregon Craft Beer Month
Oregon’s beer culture is recognized nationwide, including sustainable brewing, award-winning craft brews, and one-of-a-kind microbreweries and gastropubs. Portland often ranks as best beer city in America, and craft brew capital of the world. We’ve got plenty of award-winning breweries to prove it, too.
Citrus Salmon
Celebrating Citrus and Fennel
In ancient Europe, citrus fruit symbolized the brightness and warmth of the sun. During the winter months, hopeful families adorned their homes with orange slices and warm herbs to wish for the sun’s return. These wise ancients recognized and honored the uplifting benefits of citrus.
Take or bake: Market of Choice Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies
Whatever your fancy – baking cookies at home or picking up a fresh-baked batch made at your Market Bakery – Market of Choice focuses on providing and using the best local ingredients available, such as Ken & June’s Hazelnuts.
Oregon-made Sibeiho Sambals yield tasty results in the kitchen
Based on authentic family recipes passed down to Sibeiho co-founders Holly Ong and Pat Lau, Portland-made Sibeiho Sambals add abundant flavor to a wide variety of recipes. In this video, Holly Ong joins Market of Choice Artisan Chef Greg Cabeza in the kitchen to make a crispy, broiled salmon marinated with her OMG! Sambal.
Dig Local partnership
How We Help Farmers Get Their Produce to Market
Going to the farm and purchasing directly from the farmstand is one way to procure the freshest and most unique produce of the season. Another way is to visit your local Market of Choice.
Family Picture
Oregon Hazelnuts: From Local Tradition to Holiday Treat
Nothing compares to the nutty, subtle sweetness of a hazelnut unwinding smooth and buttery on your tongue. The soft crunch releases the full depth of its flavor, earthy and decadent, and ultimately intoxicating – a distinctive zest that stands out even among robust flavors.
Market of Choice amplifies local makers on many fronts
At Market of Choice, we value our relationships with Oregon food and beverage makers. As part of this commitment to supporting local makers, we amplify their brands and products at the store level and online by telling their stories.
Fall Classic for Oregon Harvest – Wild Mushroom Puff Pastry Tarts
Artisan Chef Greg Cabeza and fellow Market of Choice Chefs always looks forward to wild mushroom season, when those flavorful fruits of the forest are foraged fresh from Oregon groves and delivered daily to your Market’s Produce Department.