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Zero Proof Cocktails – Market of Choice Beer & Wine

Zero Proof cocktails provide an alcohol-free way to enjoy a great cocktail without the after-effects. Our team has curated a wonderful selection of Zero Proof beverages and mixers, many from local producers, for you to enjoy.

A few important notes to help with your own exploration of the Zero Proof cocktail:

  • Zero Proof = Alcohol-free, sophisticated, deeply flavorful and enjoyable drinks. These are mocktails, not sodas, and are legitimate craft cocktails but without alcohol.
  • Simple Syrup = Homemade sugar water, used to add a bit of sweetness. This can be made using honey, agave or your favorite sweetener using 1 part sweetener and 1 part water. Just boil the water, add the sweetener and stir.
  • Many of the ingredients we offer in our Zero Proof selection can only be found at MoC, and our team is ready to help you in your pursuit of great, alcohol-free cocktails.

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