A Bakery Manager at our Willakenzie Market in Eugene, Diana has been sharing her love of cooking and baking since she was 14 years old. For her and her family, food is more than a meal – it’s what brings people together.

“Something that we say in our home is food is love,” she says. “How you share your memories, your moments — everything.”

Diana learned from the best over the years, having the opportunity to work closely with master chefs and bakers. She met her husband through their work, and her children were raised in kitchens “Literally and figuratively,” she says. “Cooking is a big part of our life.”

Diana brings that sense of food and family to her work at Market of Choice, having been part of our team since 2003. She prides herself on fashioning the perfect cake or dessert that will make someone’s day extra special. She remembers a favorite cake someone made for her when she turned 6 years old, and she wants others to be able to experience memorable moments similar to hers.

“Being part of people’s special events and knowing that your cake is going to be in the picture and possibly remembered by that kid for the rest of their life is really special,” she says.

There’s always something new to know and discover about cooking and baking, she says. “I could never do an office ‘sit-down job,’” she says. “It’s one of those things that can be a lifetime of gratification, just constantly learning.”

She sometimes gets special requests from customers and welcomes the opportunity to put her skills to the test. “People challenge us, but it keeps us continually growing and learning new skills and techniques,” she says. “I think people expect the best and that’s what we hope to deliver every single time.”

Diana also enjoys gardening, camping, trips to the coast and visiting other bakeries. She and her family travel all over the Northwest to attend barbecue competitions and food festivals, as well.

Her other great passion is caring for her 68 houseplants. “I have a slight obsession,” she says. “For me, it’s very therapeutic. It just feels good and it makes me happy.”

Diana says she can’t imagine doing anything else as a job. She loves working at Market of Choice, sharing her love of food with customers and co-workers and seeing new employees gain skills and become experts at what they do.

“Ultimately, I get to be a part of something I love, then I get to share it with other people,” she says. “I truly enjoy my job so much.”

Published On: January 5th, 2021

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