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Sisters Coffee was founded in 1989 when Joy and Winfield Durham started roasting coffee beans in small, five-pound batches in their log cabin. Soon, they were delivering their roasted beans to neighborhood grocers and restaurants.

Now owned and operated by Joy and Winfield’s three children, Justin, Jared and Jesse, the second-generation family-owned business has expanded to include three modern and comfortable cafes in Sisters, Bend and Portland. And in 2022, the siblings opened a new roasting facility to better serve the cafe and wholesale demand.

Justin, Jared and Jesse are proud leaders in a fascinating industry with the potential to make a positive impact for workers across the supply chain.

“We have a true passion for coffee and care deeply about creating jobs for our employees and creating meaningful, positive impacts with the producing partners from which we buy,” Jesse says.

Recognizing the opportunity they have to build upon their parents hard-earned legacy, the family continues rising to the occasion; offering a vast array of products driven by their close ties with coffee growers and brokers in Colombia, Rwanda and Peru.

“It’s our relationships with our growers and vendors make the work meaningful, and spill over to the benefit of our customers, other vendors we work with, and our community,” Justin says.

Maintaining strong relationships with growers is what keeps Sisters bean-to-cup business wholly integrated with their mission to create an authentic coffee experience built on love for the craft and kindness for the people they serve.

Sisters Coffee is proud to support their community by donating to several non-profit organizations, including Seed to Table, Sisters Folk Festival, and Partnership for Gender Equity, and Ike and Issacs, among others.

Published On: May 17th, 2023

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