Cherries and Berries

Cherries & Berries

Sweet and juicy, cherries and berries take center stage this time of year. From delicious desserts to savory dishes, they’re featured throughout the season in our Market Produce, Bakery, Barista, Kitchen, Cheese and Meat Departments.

In the Kitchen

Cherry Almond Bread Pudding
Cherry Amaretto White Chocolate Bread Pudding
The name says it all! This bread pudding flawlessly celebrates beloved cherries that are sweet, creamy and wonderfully indulgent. Enjoy this seasonal gem while it is here!
7.99 lb
Willamette Berry Bread Pudding
Vanilla sweet cream custard-soaked artisan bread bursting with Oregon blackberries, marionberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, swirled with a ribbon of sweetened cream cheese. Oh, yes!
7.99 lb
Summer Berry, Spinach Salad
Summer Berry, Spinach Salad
Looking for something light and oh-so satisfying? This summer salad with fresh spinach, strawberries, blueberries, feta, bacon and candied pecans is just perfect!
8.99 ea
Pretzel Croisant Turkey Gouda
Turkey Bacon Gouda Pretzel Croissant
Roasted turkey breast piled high and topped with bacon and arugula on a pretzel croissant spread with smoked gouda cheese and cherry jam. Yum!
9.99 ea
Deschutes Turkey Salad
Deschutes Turkey Salad
Roasted turkey salad with local Oregon-grown dried cherries, Granny Smith apples, celery, green onion, fresh herbs and a creamy savory dressing. This is sure to become a favorite!
13.99 lb
Balsamic Cherry Chicken Sheet Pan
Balsamic Cherry Chicken Sheet Pan Meal
Savory and slightly sweet with a tart pop of cherry and balsamic vinegar, this all-in-one sheet pan meal is simply delicious!
8.99 lb
Candied Cherry Chicken
Candied Bing Cherry Chicken Sheet Pan Meal
Tender chicken thighs are roasted in a sauce of Bing cherries, sour cherry jam, dried fruits, white wine, herbs, spices and a touch of brown sugar and Dijon. Sweet and savory bliss!
8.99 lb
Cherry Cola Chicken Thighs
Cherry Cola Barbecue Chicken Thighs
We are swooning over this new barbecue sauce that takes our savory chicken thighs to new heights. It's just that good!
11.99 lb
Cherry Bomb Chicken
Cherry Pepper-Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breasts
Made in the style of a popper, we have stuffed this chicken breast with a mild cherry pepper and creamy cheese blend, then wrapped it all in bacon. Dig in!
12.99 lb
BlackBerry BBQ Salmon
Summer Berry Salsa Salmon Fillets
Blackberry, raspberry and blueberry salsa adorns this tender salmon lightly glazed with a mild touch of heat and citrus for a superb entrée that celebrates berry season.
24.99 lb

In the Bakery

Strawberry Blondies
Strawberry Blondies
8x8-inch – Our blondies baked with strawberries swirled into the batter. Yum!
6.99 ea
Cherry Almond Scone
Cherry Almond Scones
8 ct – Buttermilk scones with cherries and almonds baked inside and topped with a light glaze.
8.99 ea
Black Forest Trifle
Black Forest Mini Trifles
12 oz - A creamy delight of fresh whipped cream, high-fruit content cherry preserves, chocolate cake and vanilla custard. A creamy delight!
4.99 ea
Cherry Berry Fruit Tarts
Cherry-Berry Turnovers
4 ct – Inside the flakey layers of pastry, we have hidden two popular Northwest fillings: marionberry and cherry. Great when you can't decide which one to choose!
6.99 ea
Wheat Free Black Forest Slice
Wheat-Free Black Forest Mousse
4 oz slice – Layers of whipped cream, Northwest cherries, and mousse nestled in layers of gluten-free cake.
7.99 ea
NW Gateau
Northwest Gateau
6-inch – Double layers of chocolate cake with vanilla whipped cream, cherries and berries. A layer of chocolate cream cheese and ganache push this over the top.
24.99 ea
Cherry Berry Cobbler
Cherry-Berry Cobblers
8x8-inch – Two cobblers in one using our high-fruit content bakery filling. We top each one with our buttery biscuit topping. Perfect to reheat and serve with ice cream.
5.99 ea
Muffin Cheesecake Strawberry
Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins
Market Bakery muffins with strawberry and cream cheese, topped with our brown sugar oat streusel.
2.99 ea
Austrailan Vanilla Slice
Berry-Topped Australian Vanilla Slice
4 oz slice – Traditional in Australian cuisine, this sliceable vanilla custard is layered with a crunchy pastry and topped with Northwest marionberries.
8.99 ea
Cherry Pie Bar
Cherry Pie Bars
3x3-inch – Buttery shortbread filled with cherries and topped with a light almond glaze. A great on-the-go dessert when you are craving pie.
2.99 ea
Lemon Raspberry Trifle
Wheat-Free Lemon Raspberry Trifles
12 oz – Gluten-free cake with lemon and raspberry layers in between freshly whipped vanilla cream.
4.99 ea
Raspberry Eclairs
4 oz – Choux pastry with raspberry preserves and custard, topped with pink icing and chocolate décor.
4.99 ea

In Meat & Seafood

Cherry Cola Country Pork RIbs
Cherry Cola Barbecue Boneless Pork Ribs
Flavorful cherry cola barbecue sauce is used to marinate boneless Non-GMO pork ribs.
4.99 lb
BBQ Chicken Thighs
Cherry Cola Barbecue Chicken Thighs
Non-GMO bone-in chicken thighs marinated in a bold cherry cola barbecue sauce.
4.99 lb

In The Cheese Shop

Brie and Berries
9 oz – Creamy, double-crème Brie topped with an exclusive Vintner's Kitchen Oregon Marionberry & Raspberry Preserve and fresh berries. The perfect centerpiece for your next get together.
11.99 ea
NW Bounty Cheese Board
Northwest Bounty Board
47 oz – This cheese board is made-to-order for your special occasion and features 100% local salami, soft-ripened cheese, Gouda, cheddar, cheese curds, snacks and honeycomb.
79.99 ea

In The Barista

Strawberry Sencha
Strawberry Sencha Tea
Any size – This Kyushu Sencha green tea from Kagoshima Prefecture in the far south of Japan, brews a rich, soft cup. The aroma is almost custard-like in its richness, and the tea is at once cooling in the mouth and warming in the body. The liquor is sweet and brothy, with a hint of cedar and tartness.
2.00 ea
Oregon Berry Smoothie
Oregon Berry Market Smoothie
20 oz – Rich in fiber, this smoothie has marionberries, strawberries and blueberries with your choice of milks for no additional charge.
3.50 ea
Black Berry Cardamom
Blackberry Cardamom Cold Brew
20 oz – Low-acidic cold brew and your choice of milks, enhanced by local cardamom and blackberry syrup.
4.00 ea