Central Oregon beverage maker Riff crafts two lines of crisp, clean and refreshing drinks – Riff Cold Brew coffees and Riff Energy+, a unique line of energy drinks made with cascara, the nutritionally rich, fruity pulp that surrounds the coffee bean.

Owner Paul Evers, along with Bobby Evers, Kevin Smyth and Nate Armbrust, launched the company in 2018, first featuring its cold brew coffees. Simply made with premium coffees and water from the Cascade Range, these brews are available in three varieties: Off the Cuff, Arm in Arm and South Paw.

In 2019, Riff began experimenting with cascara, the by-product of coffee production that is traditionally wasted.

“Riff is upcycling cascara into a climate-friendly, good-for-you, clean energy plus immunity drink,” Paul says.

Riff Energy+ comes in three flavors: Pick-It-Up Pomegranate, Booyah Berry and Get-It Guava. All Riff beverages are certified organic and Non-GMO.

Market of Choice was the first retailer Paul and his business partners met with, he recalls. “MOC has continued to be a big believer in the Riff brand, along with being a vital and super-supportive partner,” he says.

Ask a Market of Choice teammate where to find Riff beverages in your Market’s grocery aisles. Grab some ice, too, while you’re at it! “Both the Riff Cold Brew and Riff Energy+ lines should be enjoyed cold and over ice, if possible,” Paul says.

The cold brews also make an excellent cocktail mixer. Need inspiration? Riff has created its own “riffs” on well-known cocktails: the Cold-Fashioned, the Coldpresso Martini, the Riff Off the Old Block and the Negroni with My Homie. Make each delicious drink and let us know what you think!

Published On: August 5th, 2021

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