Almond Praline and Pumpkin Tiramisu

This grown-up gourmet treat with a twist takes little effort and makes an excellent dessert. Creamy pumpkin and mascarpone, punctuated with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla, are balanced by the crunch of almond praline and delicate ladyfingers.


Apple Pandowdy

An old-fashioned American favorite, pandowdy is a simple skillet apple pie, made with brown sugar, an easy-cracked crust and a drizzle of cream. The apples gradually release their juices, creating a loose-yet-delicious pan sauce to be served with the dessert.


Rustic Raspberry Lemon Tart

Perfect on a warm summer day, this tantalizing tart combines two of our favorite summer flavors, lemon and raspberry. Enjoy this beautiful-yet-simple dessert with a tall glass of raspberry iced tea and a sprig of mint for a truly refreshing treat.


Lemon and Berry Semifreddo

Semifreddo in Italian means "half frozen," which happens to be the best way to devour this citrusy-fresh, light and airy dessert. The tart-sweet berries and crunchy meringue add a splash of color and texture, and make it a perfect ending to a summer dinner.


Cucumber-Lime Bars

Light and refreshing, these smooth-as-silk bars are infused with the summery sensations of cool cucumber and lip-smacking lime. A perfect end to any meal.


Cherry and Citrus Galette

Celebrate cherry season with this decadent, free-form tart. Featuring bright orange and lemon and sweet brown sugar and cinnamon, this recipe is a great way to enjoy fresh or frozen cherries.

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