Partner Recipes

La Porteña: Provoleta with Mom’s Green Chimichurri

Our happiest memories of holidays in Argentina are always tied to the food we gathered around. This warm and melty cheese with a crispy crust served on fresh bread and Mom’s Green Chimichurri has always been a favorite in our family.

Carlton Farms: Holiday Crown Roast of Pork

Nothing is more regal than our Crown Roast of Pork. If you want to royally impress your guests, this is a stunning table centerpiece for your holiday meal. Your Majesty would approve.

Tonic & Bloom: Butternut Custard Torte

This custardy cold-weather torte is made completely in the blender, keeping the prep work to a minimum. Bake it in individual custard cups or use a pie plate and cut into slices.

Oomph Cooking Blends: Oomph Compound Butters

This might be one of the easiest, most beautiful and delicious side dishes you will make for the holidays. We love to experiment with Oomph and this particular experiment lead to a mind-blowing recipe that takes only about 10 minutes to make.

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