Fall Recipes

Green Beans with Olive Oil, Lemon & Parmesan

Quick, fresh and delicious, these green beans will disappear fast. Shallots, lemon and Parmesan make them a versatile dish to serve alongside your favorite proteins for the holidays or any day.

Sesame & Soy Sautéed Broccolini

Simple and delicious, our recipe for sautéed broccolini with a touch of ginger, garlic, crushed chiles and gluten-free tamari is a versatile vegetable side dish to serve with any main course.

Catalan Seafood Stew

This amazing Spanish seafood stew tastes fantastic because of several surprising ingredients, starting with Castelvetrano olives, chopped almonds, and a bit of cured serrano ham.

Mushroom Eggrolls

Oregon offers us an abundance of mushrooms, and we’ve chosen some shiitake and wood ear varieties. Wood ear is available in the dried mushroom area of our Produce Department, and they provide a distinctly firm but pleasant texture to the filling with a very mild, woodsy flavor.

Leslie’s Lumpia: Lumpia Cake

Lumpia Cake is a special, savory way to celebrate a birthday, says Leslie Regalado of Leslie’s Lumpia. In this take on cake, pancit, a traditional noodle dish is surrounded by the lumpia, or spring rolls.

Timberline Pear Tart

Our Timberline Pear Tart takes sliced pears, chocolate and hazelnuts and combines them in a tempting, glamorous dessert that’s easy to make. For a quick shortcut, use a prepared tart or pie shell, or make your own as desired.

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