Hibisbloom: Hibisbloom Sangria

Hibisbloom Sangria

Recipe from HIBISBLOOM


In a large pitcher, you will need:
½ c Orange Juice
¼ c Cointreau(vodka)
1 btl Red Wine
1 Marvel Orange, sliced
1–2 Persimmon, sliced
½ lemon, sliced in half moon
1 red apple, sliced in half moon
Fresh Mint
Grenadine Slices (for extra sass)
2 oz brandy for drizzle
8 oz (half a bottle) Hibisbloom Savanna Cinnamon cocktail mixer


In a large pitcher, mix all ingredients until you obtain a beautiful blend. Add the fresh mint and grenadine slices, then drizzle with brandy. Chill for about an hour before serving. Any leftovers can be refrigerated up to two days. Serves 6-8.