My Market, My Helpful Produce and Bulk Clerks

Nowhere is "choice" more evident than in our produce and bulk departments. 
We're lucky to live in a state that grows an abundance of fruits and veggies. Whether we're bringing in local berries, apples or corn, we're proud to support local growers, so you can too. We're sometimes the only place, outside the farms and farmers markets, to carry these locally grown items.
Back in the day, we offered just 10 types of organic produce – broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes and a few others. Today, we provide over 100 organic options over the course of a year. From kohlrabi to kumquats and sunchokes to tomatillos, we have in excess of 400 varieties of produce during peak seasons. 
Not only do we get great joy out of offering healthy fruits and veggies, we take pride on how they're presented. Both an art and an exercise in physics, we strive to create eye-catching produce displays for you. Have you ever wondered how all those oranges stay in place?
In our bulk department, you'll discover hard-to-find items and everyday staples, many of which come from Oregon suppliers. When you buy in bulk, you're doing your part to help the planet by purchasing items with less packing – and we're pleased to provide a wide range of items to choose from. 
Stop by and see what's fresh and new!