Hatch Chile Fest!

We're roasting authentic Hatch chilies from New Mexico at every location, every Friday, 12-6 pm, throughout the month of August!
In addition to roasted Hatch chiles and fresh Hatch chiles, available in your Market Produce Dept, you can also enjoy Hatch chile items throughout your Market!
Hatch Chile Chicken Enchiladas
Hatch Chile Cornbread
Hatch Chile Cream Cheese Danish
Hatch Chile Cheddar Bread
Chilikaas Hatch Chile Gouda
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Hatch Chilies

Produce Dept. Special

  • Web Special: Cara Cara Pink-Fleshed Navel Oranges
    Web Special Cara Cara Pink Fleshed Navel Oranges

    Incredibly sweet and slightly tangy, this citrus is a cross between the Brazilian Bahia and Washington navel varieties.

    1.99 lb

    GOOD THRU 12/10 - 12/16/19