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Blue Jay Seedless Mandarins

Easy-to-peel and packed with juicy goodness, Mandarin oranges add a touch of color and flavor to seafood dishes and salads.

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Tender Green Asparagus

A low-calorie source of folic acid and potassium, asparagus is packed with nutrients! One of the most versatile veggies, it's excellent added to pizza, omelets, salads or soups.

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Chelan Fresh SugarBee® Apples

Grown in the elevated orchards of Washington, this newly patented apple variety is similar to the beloved Honeycrisp.

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Our Fabulous Juicer, Your Fresh OJ

Our market-made orange juice has fantastic flavor and abundant nutrients. Enjoy!

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Step into the produce department at Market of Choice and you'll discover the very best of both worlds – both conventional and organic produce side by side. Nowhere is "choice" more evident than in our produce department. During peak seasons, you can find in excess of 400 varieties of produce. We even have those hard-to-find items for your most exotic recipes.

We are lucky to live in a place that produces such an abundance of fruits and vegetables, whether its locally grown berries, apples, melons, stone fruits, lettuce, corn or pumpkins. We develop close relationships with our growers, and we get great satisfaction knowing that we help support local farms and their employees, so that you can too.



Produce Dept. Special

  • Seedless Grapes
    Seedless Grapes

    Halve and add to chicken salad, roast with spring veggies, or enjoy red or green grapes as a nutritious snack. SAVE $1 lb

    2.99 lb

    GOOD THRU 3/19 - 3/25/19
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