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The heirloom navels are here

Fresh in from Rising C Ranches in Buttonwillow, California, we now have incredible heirloom navel oranges! Grown the way they were grown 100 years ago, on “old line” Washington navel trees, these oranges have old-fashioned flavor and taste that has been bred out of many newer varieties.

We also have Rising C Ranches’ blood oranges, mellow gold pummelos, sweet limes, and Meyer lemons. Now is a great time to try these specialty citrus items, as you entertain family and friends for the holidays.

Minneola tangelos, with their distinct bump on one end, arrived from Sunkist yesterday, along with their Cara Cara pink fleshed navel oranges. These colorful oranges make a nice presentation in a glass of sparkling water.

New crop Chilean peaches, nectarines, cherries and seedless red or green grapes will be arriving in our stores next week.

Happy Holidays!


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