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Northwest Pear Fest!

Soft and buttery, pears pair perfectly with many cheeses and wines. Full of fiber and vitamins C and K, they also make an excellent addition to salads. Choose from Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, Starkrimson or D'Anjou.
6 servings assorted greens
2 med pears, thinly sliced
3 t honey
2 t lemon juice
1/4 c chopped walnuts
crumbled blue cheese (optional)
This refreshing salad is easy to make. In 2-quart bowl, add pear slices to assorted greens. For the dressing, combine honey and lemon juice. Pour over salad and toss to coat. Sprinkle with walnuts and blue cheese. Serve immediately. Makes 6 servings.


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