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People of Market of Choice

We are the People of Market of Choice! We’re a passionate group of food-loving Oregonians who care about the communities where we live and work. Our skilled and knowledgeable team is 1,400+ strong. We are real Bakers, Baristas, Beverage Stewards, Butchers, Cheesemongers, Chefs, Cooks, Fishmongers, Florists, Produce Experts, Whole Health Specialists, Clerks, Cashiers and Managers. We love what we do, and these are our stories.

At Market of Choice, you can go as far as your talent and initiative will take you. Fun and fast-paced, working at Market of Choice comes with many perks, including exciting opportunities for professional growth. Learn more.

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West Linn Produce Manager Kathryn

Kathryn loved Market of Choice before she ever working here. Lured to the store by her husband, she used to walk the aisles of our West Linn Market and ooh and aah at all of the offerings. “It’s such a beautiful store with so many beautiful products,” she says.

Delta Oaks Assistant Produce Manager Phil

As a kid growing up on a farm in west Eugene, Phil remembers coming home from school during harvest season and heading out to the barn to find all the pears laid out on newspapers across the wooden floor.

Cedar Mill Cook Safae

Growing up in Morocco, Safae learned from her mother how to cook traditional Moroccan dishes, like tagine and couscous, made with fantastic spices.

Cedar Mill Beverage Steward Chris

For a beverage aficionado, working at Market of Choice is truly a dream come true. Keeping up with the latest trends in wine, beer and coffee is definitely one of the perks of the job.

Ashland Assistant Store Manager Cedric

You might say Cedric has been on the fast track for success. After excelling as an athlete at Southern Oregon University, he posted a 400-meter time that earned him a USA Track & Field Masters national championship in 2019.

Corvallis Home & Gift Manager Beth

Floral and home design are at the heart of Beth’s work every day, but it’s the special moments that she gets to be a part of that really mean the most to her.

Delta Oaks Fishmonger Diana

Diana says for much of her life, she never had much interest in cooking. But all that has changed in recent years – thanks, in part, to her job. “For the longest time, my idea of cooking was to vent the lid, put it in the microwave, dirty a fork, and that’s it,” she says.

Belmont Whole Health Manager Simone

Having worked at Market of Choice for more than a decade, Simone believes that her role as Whole Health Manager at our Belmont store is the perfect job for her. “It’s the first and only job I’ve had in grocery, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had in my life – it really is,” she says.

Willamette Sous Chef Suku

Suku values discipline, commitment and variety in his life. He’s completed 53 marathons. He served in the Malaysian Army and in Operation Desert Storm.

Belmont Assistant Kitchen Manager Alyssa

Alyssa spent years as a schoolteacher, a principal and a therapist before she realized her true passion. It turned out to be something she was doing all along. “I decided I wanted to spend my time cooking,” she says.

Cedar Mill Floral Manager Sarah

As Floral Manager at our Cedar Mill Market, Sarah’s career has blossomed at Market of Choice. She’s a big fan of plants and loves being surrounded by them every day, both at work and at home. In addition to sharing her plant knowledge with customers, she cares for her own unique collection of nearly 60 houseplants.

Ashland Bookkeeper Kamille

Bookkeeping, as in life, is about finding the right balance – and Kamille has done just that in her role as a bookkeeper at our Ashland Market.

Bend Beverage Steward KJ

As an experienced Beverage Steward at our Bend Market, KJ’s foremost advice is to have an open mind when choosing a bottle of wine or fresh-roasted coffee.

Cedar Mill Cashier Ralph

Ralph loves working in the grocery business as much as he loves music. He started as a bottle boy at his family’s market in 1975 making $2.15 an hour.

Willakenzie Bakery Manager Diana

A Bakery Manager at our Willakenzie Market in Eugene, Diana been sharing her love of cooking and baking since she was 14 years old.

Willamette Cheese Manager Sierra

Sierra, a specialty cheese manager at our Willamette store in Eugene, recalls the day a couple approached her with an uncommon request.

Belmont Produce Manager Patty

Fruits, vegetables and other produce have always been a part of Patty’s life. Growing up in Molalla, she spent summers picking broccoli with friends. On weekends, she ran a small produce stand that her mother owned.

Belmont Freight Clerk Lisa

Lisa remembers when the organic food movement first took root in Berkeley, California. Back then, small “buying clubs” worked with local farmers to bring fresh, food directly to consumers. In the following years, a “shop local” trend caught on and spread.

Medford Assistant Store Manager Jon

Jon, Medford Assistant Store Manager, encourages and strives for growth at work and in his own life. There’s rarely a day that goes by that Jon doesn’t read a book. Not just part of a book, mind you, but an entire book, cover to cover.

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