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Cajun Catfish Po' Boy Sandwich

A flakey catfish fillet seasoned and seared in Cajun spices and served on a fresh Market Bakery hoagie roll, topped with a bay shrimp slaw and chipotle mayo.

8.99 ea

Grilled Summer Vegetables

We choose the freshest, seasonal vegetables, lightly grill them, then gently toss with white balsamic vinegar and herb dressing for a great-tasting paleo side.

9.99 lb

Oregon Bay Shrimp and Chorizo Enchiladas

Fresh Oregon bay shrimp rolled in corn tortillas with chorizo sausage, pepper jack cheese, lime juice, cilantro and a smoked chili cream sauce. A gluten-free friendly choice.

9.99 lb

Mango Achaar Chicken Hindquarters

Chicken hindquarters are rubbed with our savory mango and lime Indian chutney, then roasted until golden and juicy. Sensational with a side of rice and vegetables.

3.99 ea

Kitchen Specials

  • Market Kitchen Two-Topping Large Pizzas
    Market Kitchen Two Topping Large Pizzas

    Eugene/Portland/Corvallis/Bend - Choose your two favorite toppings to add to our classic cheese pizza, baked in our stone-hearth ovens. SAVE UP TO $3.50

    13.99 ea

    GOOD THRU 7/25 - 8/1/17

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