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BVT storeMarket of Choice made its grand opening in the new Timberland Town Center on Jan. 15, and on first look, it would indeed appear that lots of people are choosing the new Market of Choice.

Market of Choice, located at 250 Northwest Lost Springs Terrace in Cedar Mill, marks the Eugene-based company's ninth Oregon location and its third in the Portland Metropolitan area, the others nearby in Southwest Portland and West Linn.

So far, results for the newest site have been promising.

“It's going great,” said Store Manager Casey Capell, who has worked with Market of Choice for 10 years, the last four of those at the company's Corvallis location. “We didn't really come in with any projections or ideas — it was really just open it up and see how things went.

“It's really been well received. There's been a lot of positive remarks. People are happy we're here and we're happy we're here.”

“We’re excited to be part of the Cedar Mill neighborhood,” added Market of Choice President Rick Wright. We “feel very welcomed.”

Market of Choice is known for its extensive selection of natural, organic, conventional and local products, while offering customers a relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience. Its 40,000-square foot Cedar Mill location features a large produce section, scratch-made baked goods, specialty cheeses, a huge beer and wine shop, whole health and bulk items, a full-service meat and seafood department, and a gourmet deli and kitchen staffed by in-house chefs. The Cedar Mill location also features a growler station, a wine bar and a juice bar.

Convenience and choice

BVT customerThus far, customers seem pleased with what they're seeing.

“We actually came on (Jan. 15) when it opened. We'd been waiting for it to open. We'd been looking forward to it,” said area resident Staci Wallace. “I'm gluten free and I have kids with food allergies so we like the specialty markets that cater to that a little bit more. And with more choices for natural grown and organic produce and stuff, we were really looking forward to this opening because it's so close to us."

For Barbara Cooke, who lives in a nearby condominium, Saturday marked her third straight day at the new store.

“Everyone who lives around here had been waiting for (the opening,)” she said. “I like the access, the choices with the market, and they have a lot of prepared foods so it's really convenient.”

The key to the whole endeavor, Capell said, is the store living up to the word “choice” in its name.

“What makes us unique is in our name — it's choice,” he said. “We can give the customer any option they want. They can get natural, conventional, organic, specialty, as well as the everyday item that you always got as a kid.

“We are small enough that I can get anything a customer wants. If a customer comes in and says they love the store but we're missing an ingredient or we're missing something that is part of their shopping, all I have to do is order it and bring it in the next day. We have a lot of flexibility.”

Eco-friendly too

BVT aisleBeyond just the items on its shelves, Market of Choice is known for its eco-friendly construction choices (LED lighting, solar tracking skylights and a state-of-the-art glycol refrigerant), and has brought more than 200 new jobs — most of them full-time — to the area, along with another 27 employees who have transferred in from other company locations.

“It was just a good opportunity,” Capell added. “There is a lot of 'want' for store like this on this side of town and we decided this would be a good place for us to be. It seems like a good fit.”

You can see additional photos on the Valley Times Facebook page here.

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