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My Market, My Grass-Fed Beef

Carman Ranch

Growing Exceptional Beef from the Ground Up
Fueled by her belief in its ecologic and health benefits, Cory Carman transitioned to 100 percent grass-fed beef at the Wallowa Valley, Oregon, ranch where her family has lived and raised cattle for more than 100 years.
"Our cattle are uniquely adapted to thrive on all forage diets and are raised exclusively on free-range pasture and locally grown hay," Cory says. 
To encourage a healthy diet and sustainable lands, cattle is herded from one area to another to dine on the top of tall sweet grass, which provides essential nutrients, enhances the flavor profile of the beef, and allows for the regeneration of grazing lands.
In the decade since making the transition, Carman Ranch has grown to include some of the West Coast's best grass-fed beef producers who share similar practices and a common mission: to demonstrate that building community, restoring the soil, and respecting the animals are essential to growing exceptional beef.