My Market, My Artisan Butchers

Experienced and committed to the highest standards, we practice the art of meat-cutting every day. We are proud to maintain the traditions of artisan butchery, and we love helping our customers choose the very best cuts – did you know that we'll custom cut anything you'd like?
We're pleased to say that the majority of our meat is sourced from Oregon or Washington and is always natural, meaning no growth hormones or antibiotics. We're picky about our seafood, too. We choose fishing companies and suppliers who work hard to ensure that the seafood population remains sustainable, while minimizing the impact of fishing our oceans, lakes and streams. 
We know how to source, prepare and cook all kinds of meat and seafood. All of our sauces, rubs and marinades are made from scratch using our own recipes – we have more than 100 items in seasonal rotation for you to take and make at home. 
We love to talk food, so stop by and say "hello" and chat with us about ways to prepare your next meal!

Meat Dept. Special

  • Fresh Tilapia Fillets
    Fresh Tilapia Fillets

    Season and bake this mild white fish then serve with roasted veggies and a glass of white wine. SAVE $1 lb

    8.99 lb

    GOOD THRU 2/25 - 3/2/20