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Superfoods for a low-carb, diabetic diet
Diet is important to all of us, but it’s especially important if you or a loved one has diabetes. When it comes to managing your blood sugar, knowing how much hidden sugar is found in common foods becomes very important.
Going green: How plants can become the center of your plate
If you’ve considered cutting back on the amount of meat you eat, you’re not alone. For years, medical professionals have been urging us to consume more fruits and vegetables, and it’s clear that more and more people are giving it a go.
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What is a localvore?
We all know food tastes best when it’s fresh. There’s nothing like the bite of an apple plucked from the tree or the crunch of a carrot shortly after it’s pulled from the loamy earth. Fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of ripeness not only taste great, but they’re full of nutrients.
Protein Alternatives
What are healthy protein alternatives?
We all know protein is an important part of our diet, but when we think of protein-rich foods, most of us are likely to think of beef, chicken and other meats. Fortunately, there are a lot of other options.
Icons & Shelf Tags
As part of our mission to spotlight local makers and offer you lifestyle choices, we assign special icons and shelf tags to products, making it easy for you to shop at our stores and refine your search for specials online.
What is Organic?
At Market of Choice, one of the many choices you’ll discover is the option to purchase organic products, including produce, beef and poultry, and many other foods and beverages, from cereal to dairy products.
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Paleo & Keto Living
In recent years, both keto and paleo lifestyles have become popular among those seeking a healthier way to eat. Proponents say either can help you lose weight and feel more energized.
Living Gluten-Free
Here you will find answers to some basic questions about gluten. We hope it will make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. We offer hundreds of products for those who live gluten-free, from pastas, breads and beverages to sauces, snacks and kid-friendly favorites.