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My Market, My Fresh Sushi

It’s the only way we roll
“Hissho” means “certain victory” in Japanese. And that’s exactly what Hissho Sushi has done in bringing fresh sushi every day to your Market — it has triumphed with quality and variety. Hissho Sushi searches the world over to provide the best ingredients, and that includes going no further than the local growers who provide the produce that goes into every roll. That ensures you get absolute freshness.

Hissho Sushi never includes artificial colors in their natural wasabi and ginger, and they offer options for discerning palettes, such as brown rice, vegetarian varieties and creative, seasonal favorites to tantalize you, your kids and your guests.

Sushi Wednesdays
Every Wednesday is Sushi Wednesday at all Market of Choice locations. A variety of rolls are available at discounted prices, with the selection changing every few months, giving you the best there is to offer each season. All recipes are selected to maintain the greatest health benefits and the authentic, true taste of Japanese sushi. The sushi chefs of Hissho Sushi undergo a rigorous training process with continual updates throughout the year.

Party Platters and Custom Rolls
A wide selection of Hissho Sushi is available at your Market, but special orders for custom products and party platters are always welcomed. Stop by or phone in an order to your Market’s Sushi Department with only 24-hours notice, and you’ll be set to enjoy. Special orders for sushi are not accepted online through the website.