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Soup, Salad & Olive Bar

Dive into a bowl of our satisfying soups, build your own fresh green salad, or sample a variety of gourmet olives. We have all that and more at your Market Soup, Salad and Olive Bar. Made fresh daily using only the highest-quality ingredients, our soups warm your soul from the inside out. Our Mama Leone’s Chicken Soup, a Market favorite, is served fresh every day. Choose from 12 oz, 16 oz, or 32 oz.

Soups of the Day

Every Day
Mama Leone's Chicken Soup (contains milk)

Chicken Noodle (contains wheat and egg) 
Superfood Soup (vegan and contains soy)

Smoked Tomato Bisque (vegetarian and contains milk) 
Tuscan Sausage & Kale Soup (contains milk)

Beef & Stout Beer Chili (contains wheat) 
Ninkasi Beer Cheese Soup (vegetarian and contains milk, wheat and soy)

Caldo Verde Soup 
Aloo Gobi Soup (vegan)

Curried Cauliower & Parsnip Soup (vegan and contains coconut)
Clam Chowder (contains clams and milk)

Rustic Beef Stew 
Hungarian Mushroom Soup (vegetarian and contains milk, wheat and soy)

Split Pea & Ham Soup (contains soy and wheat) 
Caribbean Callaloo Soup (vegetarian and contains milk and coconut)


Kitchen Specials

  • Shiba's Happy Curry Hand Pies
    Shiba s Happy Curry Hand Pies

    Savory Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer or Chana Dal hand pies, made exclusively for Market of Choice by Shiba's Happy Curry Foods in Salem, Oregon.

    5.49 ea

    GOOD THRU 4/14 - 4/27/17

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