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Soup, Salad & Olive Bar

Dive into a bowl of our satisfying soups, build your own fresh green salad, or sample a variety of gourmet olives. We have all that and more at your Market Soup, Salad and Olive Bar. Made fresh, using high-quality ingredients, our soups warm your soul from the inside out. Our Mama Leone’s Chicken Soup, a Market favorite, is served every day.

Soups of the Day

Every Day
Mama Leone's Chicken Soup (contains milk)

Oregon Forest Mushroom (vegetarian and contains wheat and cream)

Tom Kha Gai (contains coconut, fish and shrimp) 

Ninkasi Beer Cheese (vegetarian and contains milk, wheat and soy)

Finnan Haddie (contains fish, milk, shellfish - clam juice and clam base)

Superfood Soup (vegan and contains soy)
Clam Chowder (contains clams and milk)

Rustic Beef Stew

Tuscan Sausage & Kale (contains milk)


Kitchen Specials

  • BelGioioso Provolone

    Award-winning, traditional Italian-style cheese, made with the best Wisconsin cows' milk.

    7.99 lb

    GOOD THRU 1/19 - 2/1/18