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Salsas Locas – Crazy Good!

Lucy De Leon remembers traveling the country with her parents, Anselmo and Francisca, and her siblings as children. They were an agriculture family, but always dreamed of settling down and owning a business, making and selling their mother Francisca's delicious, authentic recipes. "Mom has been making tamales and salsa since I can remember," Lucy says. After many years of working farm fields, they chose Portland as their home and set out to make their dream come true. Today, you too, can enjoy Salsa Locas' "crazy good" foods at your Market Kitchen.


Kitchen Specials

  • All American Potato Salad

    Yukon gold potatoes with hard-boiled eggs, celery, onions, dill pickles and loads of smoky bacon in a tangy and creamy mayo, mustard and sour cream dressing. SAVE $1 lb

    6.99 lb

    GOOD THRU 7/19 - 8/1/19