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After working 15 years for large corporations in the beverage industry, Steven Howard recognized a gap in the market for healthy, plant-based drinks that are low in sugar but still delicious and refreshing. That’s why he started Authentic Herbals, the Seattle company that crafts Joyroot beverages.

Joyroot’s hibiscus and tulsi teas are certified organic, naturally caffeine free, and brewed in the Northwest using products from local farms.

“These herbal teas are perfectly paired with real fruits and spices,” says Steven, who is now the CEO of Authentic Herbals. “The products are lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar for maximum refreshment.”

In 2019, Steven met Alison Paige, who had another vision. She wanted to be part of a company that emphasized the well-being of its employees. As chief marketing officer of Joyroot in Portland, Ali works to ensure employees are happy and engaged. Part of that goal is a commitment to diversity.

The company welcomes women and all races and encourages them to feel a sense of ownership of the company, Steven says. “We are simply looking for like-minded people that want to build a happier, healthier planet.”

Customers should be able to enjoy a refreshing, healthy, ice-cold beverage knowing they’re not causing harm to the global ecosystem, Steven says.

Joyroot products are packed in glass bottles that are easily recycled. The company is also a member of 1% for the Planet and is in the process of selecting a nonprofit organization to receive 1% of its gross revenues to help to protect and restore our environment.

As the company continues to grow, Steven says, it has benefitted from its partnership with Market of Choice. He says he appreciates our commitment to local companies through our MOJO program, which offers development support, distribution solutions, and amplification for start-ups.

“Market of Choice was the first store that sold Joyroot,” he says. “They constantly go above and beyond to support local makers.”

Published On: October 1st, 2021

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