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Oregon-made Sibeiho Sambals yield tasty results in the kitchen
Based on authentic family recipes passed down to Sibeiho co-founders Holly Ong and Pat Lau, Portland-made Sibeiho Sambals add abundant flavor to a wide variety of recipes. In this video, Holly Ong joins Market of Choice Artisan Chef Greg Cabeza in the kitchen to make a crispy, broiled salmon marinated with her OMG! Sambal.
Best Holiday Gifts for Chocolate Lovers
When the weather outside is frightful, we find chocolate to be delightful. But really, chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up during the dark and cold winter months when you want to climb under a cozy blanket and indulge yourself.
Portland Salt Co.
Portland Salt Co. – Portland
Influenced by global travel and well-practiced as home cooks, Becca and Justin Christiansen sought to create artisan salt blends that would elevate meals created for enjoyment at the family table or for entertaining friends.
Dig Local partnership
How We Help Farmers Get Their Produce to Market
Going to the farm and purchasing directly from the farmstand is one way to procure the freshest and most unique produce of the season. Another way is to visit your local Market of Choice.
Explore Our Holiday Magazine
We have everything you need for an unforgettable holiday season! From decorating tips and gift ideas to food and drink inspiration, you’ll find it all in our holiday magazine, Gather. Pick up a copy in your Market.
Lentil Wellington
Six Tips for Holiday Meal Planning from Artisan Chef Greg
The holidays are rich with opportunities to gather and make lasting memories with the people we love. And while light laughter and jovial spirits certainly linger in our hearts long after gatherings are over, the food we share with one another compliments the moment.
Alaska Fishing
Alaskan Salmon – Bristol Bay, Alaska
Available fresh at your Market of Choice Meat & Seafood Department, our Alaskan salmon is wild caught from the waters of Bristol Bay in Alaska. It’s the most productive salmon ecosystem in North America, producing five species: sockeye, Chinook, coho, chum and pink salmons.
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Oregon Hazelnuts: From Local Tradition to Holiday Treat
Nothing compares to the nutty, subtle sweetness of a hazelnut unwinding smooth and buttery on your tongue. The soft crunch releases the full depth of its flavor, earthy and decadent, and ultimately intoxicating – a distinctive zest that stands out even among robust flavors.
Market of Choice amplifies local makers on many fronts
At Market of Choice, we value our relationships with Oregon food and beverage makers. As part of this commitment to supporting local makers, we amplify their brands and products at the store level and online by telling their stories.