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Tri Tip cut into thin slices on a wooden cutting board
Grilling season: Time for old favorites, new discoveries
Heading into grilling season, it’s hard not to get excited about all the delicious foods that will grace plates, from meats and fish to seasonal vegetables and fruits. At Market of Choice, we’ve got all the goods you’ll need to make your grilling fare the best it can be!
Banana quinoa pudding
Beyond Dairy & Meats: How To Add More Protein To Your Diet
Consuming protein as part of your daily diet is essential for optimal health. Protein supports immune function, builds and repairs cells – think muscles, bones and skin – and supports the body in producing enzymes and hormones. Protein can also help you feel full longer and is known to provide sustained energy.
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What Makes Market of Choice Stand Out?
Some may not see the difference immediately, but we hope it comes into focus quickly and resonates strongly. As a 100% Oregon family-owned business, we work hard every day to remain focused on serving our communities.
Rebecca Reightley founder of Kinergy Kombucha holding a rubyblue berry beverage can
Kinergy Kombucha – Bend
Kinergy Kombuchas are made with all organic, vegan ingredients that are sourced from local and regional vendors.
Robin Dimiceli and Tamara Sawyer, owners of Ripped Cream
Ripped Cream – Bend
Ripped Cream contains “as much protein as an egg,” Robin says, plus 11 amino acids and 50 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D3. It has no trans fats or hydrogenated oils.
Josie Johnson posing holding two bags, one pink purple bag with pancake mix and one blue bag with waffle mix, two bags in front of her are a green muffin mix bag and an orange crepe mix bag
Josie’s Best Gluten-Free Mixes – Sisters
Josie’s mixes are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility that is also free of other food allergens, such as tree nuts, peanuts, soy, egg, dairy and more.
Miki Bekkari cofounder of Blissful Spoon granola holding a plastic package of Fusion Crunch granola in one hand and a bowl of granola with dried berries in the other
Blissful Spoon Granola Crunch – Bend
Blissful Spoon’s granola blends are crafted with organic ingredients sourced from local producers, including freeze-dried or naturally dried fruits. No salt or sugar is added.
Ashley Chase owner of Birdseed Food Co for Humans
Birdseed For Humans – Medford
Medford-based Birdseed For Humans crafts gluten-free granolas with sprouted buckwheat that adds plant-based protein and prebiotics to your morning routine.
Craig Reinhart, founder of Bend Sauce and Cinder Dust seasoning
Bend Sauce – Bend
Craig and Nikki Reinhart were tired of the same old hot sauces, so they got to work. The result? Bend Sauce, a thick, smooth, seedless chipotle hot sauce that “dazzles with every bite.”