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Hot Sandwiches

Dreaming of hot sandwiches, loaded with meat, veggies and savory sauces? Your sandwish has come true! We’re launching five new hot sandwiches that any foodie is sure to love! Gluten-free options are available at no extra cost.

The Banh Mi
Our tasty take on the classic Vietnamese Banh Mi! Grilled lemongrass chicken is piled on a toasted demi baguette with flavorful rice vinegar-pickled carrots and cucumbers, green onions, jalapeño and fresh cilantro, served with Sriracha mayo. Delish!

The Biggie
Slow-smoked beef brisket and pickled onions are slathered with barbecue sauce and our own beer cheese spread then served on a cheddar and onion Kaiser roll. You’ll need plenty of napkins for this mouthwatering masterpiece!

The Prime Time
One-third pound of prime beef is loaded with sweet and smoky bacon jam, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and lettuce, topped with Chef Greg’s secret sauce, and presented on a toasted challah bun. Yum!

The Tuscan Bird
Grilled balsamic chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, balsamic mayo, grilled red onions, lettuce and tomatoes, layered on a toasted challah bun. It’s packed with Tuscan-inspired flavors!

The Southern Bird
This twist on the quintessential Southern chicken sandwich is stacked with a buttermilk-fried chicken thigh, shredded iceberg lettuce, pimento cheese spread and creamy ranch. All atop a toasted cheddar and onion Kaiser roll!