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Save the Bee

Heard the buzz about bees? Each honey purchase makes a difference!

In support of National Pollinator Week, June 20-26, Market of Choice and GloryBee are spreading the word about bees. An integral part of our food supply, honeybees pollinate everything from blueberries to broccoli.

A great deal of our well-being rests on those tiny backs, as well as the beekeepers and researchers who are doing their part to save them from peril.

You can help by purchasing GloryBee honey in the grocery and bulk sections of your Market. Each sale benefits the Save the Bee program, which supports bee research and education.



Grocery Dept. Special

  • Häagen-Dazs Ice Creams
    H agen Dazs Ice Creams

    28 oz - Savor each spoonful of these luscious ice creams. Strawberry, Coffee, Caramel Cone and other select varieties.


    GOOD THRU 6/22 - 7/5/18