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Umpqua Dairy

Umpqua Dairy

Fresh. Flavorful. Nutritious. Those three simple reasons are why Market of Choice chooses farm-fresh Umpqua Dairy products, produced in Roseburg, Oregon. We trust them enough to bottle our own private label milk.

Committed to its founding principles of only using the freshest and highest-quality milk, Umpqua Dairy carefully contracts with independent southern Oregon farmers who lovingly care for each dairy cow.

With nationally recognized Umpqua Dairy, your dairy products are guaranteed fresh. Naturally high in calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E and A, it’s made in a way that is kind to animals. No antibiotics. No synthetic growth hormones.

About Umpqua Dairy's Organic Milk: It comes from cows that graze on Oregon pastures, free of synthetic chemical pesticides. Happy, comfortable and contented cows – that’s the aim of all Oregon organic farmers who supply Umpqua with its milk. Grade A, pasteurized and homogenized.

Family owned and operated for more than 75 years, Umpqua Dairy products include milk, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream and more. We use Umpqua’s butter and cream for all our scratch baking, and you can too.

Treat yourself to a pure and natural lifestyle, and support Oregon farmers. Our goals are the same: to provide you quality products and unsurpassed taste.

October 2018: Umpqua Dairy's Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream were both awarded first place at the 2018 World Dairy Expo. The Expo is an opportunity for producers and professionals to meet and discuss cutting-edge innovations in the dairy industry.

April 2018: At the Annual Oregon Dairy Industries Conference, Umpqua Dairy received the prestigious Sweepstakes Award in both Ice Cream and the Cultured Products judging competition. The company’s Cottage Cheese, Buttermilk, Sour Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Chocolate Ice Cream were judged to be the best in the Northwest. Umpqua Dairy was also awarded second place for Chocolate Milk in the Fluid Milk Division.  

August 2016: Umpqua Dairy Sour Cream and Umpqua Vanilla Bean Ice Cream were selected by an independent panel of judges and awarded “First Place Trophies” as the “Best of the Best” in North America at the World Dairy Expo (WDE) Championship Dairy Product Contest.

May 2015: Umpqua Dairy was recognized nationally by Quality Chekd Dairies as the 2015 Production Excellence Award in both the Cultured Products and Ice Cream Categories. Each award is given for the ‘Best Single Production Plant’ within the Quality Chekd membership. Umpqua Dairy Sour Cream was also selected by an independent panel of judges and deemed as the “National Best of Show.”