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Picked fresh from local farms, Willamette Valley Fruit is perfect for baked goods. Just ask the owners of Willamette Valley Pies, based in Salem. They make the most of Oregon's berry bounty, and you can, too. Look for their fruit, pies and cobblers in your Market freezer section.
Because only the best will do, our Market bakers choose Willamette Valley Fruit for our scones and other baked goods, and our baristas blend them into smoothies and smoothie bowls!

Grocery Dept. Special

  • Web Special: Noosa Yoghurts
    Web Special Noosa Yoghurts

    8 oz - Fresh whole milk, a touch of wildflower honey and fresh fruit are combined to make these delicious Australian-style yogurts. SAVE 80ยข


    GOOD THRU 4/23 - 4/29/19