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While in search of a healthier lifestyle, aerospace engineer Eric Healy turned to a plant-based diet. But something was missing – snacks! So, Eric started making a product he could share with the world. And, it all started with a simple fruit. Known as Mother Nature's most flawless food, avocado is the primary ingredient found in AvoLov Avocado Chips. Handcrafted in Bend, this innovative nosh is made using a low-temperature, proprietary drying technology that Eric discovered. Taste for yourself!
"All our products start with hand-peeled and pitted, fresh Hass avocados. Then we dehydrate them in a way that preserves all the nutrients and creamy flavor." – Eric Healy

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  • Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha
    Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha

    16 oz - Jun kombucha is fermented with honey for a healthy drink with prebiotics, probiotics and amino acids.

    4.29 +dep

    GOOD THRU 3/15 - 3/28/19