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Blue Lotus Chai

Winner of the 2019 Silver Sofi Award, Blue Lotus Chai of Eugene crafts authentic teas that will transport you to the peaceful tea fields of India.

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Oregon Bark Tom Bumble Candies

Made in Portland, Oregon Bark Tom Bumble Candies are sure to become a new favorite!

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Menegon Caramel Sauces

Made in Portland from a traditional French family recipe, Menegon Caramel Sauces are crafted with wholesome, simple ingredients.

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Sao Noi Chili Oil

Handcrafted in small batches in Portland, Sao Noi Chili Oil makes even the simplest foods sing.

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Take a stroll through the aisles of Market of Choice and discover endless options at affordable prices. From boxed and canned goods to frozen and chilled items, we have everything you need. 

The best part is that you have choices. Our shelves are lined with natural, organic, conventional, bulk and local products. Whether you’re shopping for food or pet supplies, nowhere else will you find such diversity all in one place. We also offer a wide variety of both traditional and earth-friendly household goods. 


Our Brands

  • Fresh. Flavorful. Nutritious. Those three simple reasons are why Market of Choice chooses farm fresh Umpqua Dairy products. We trust them so much that we use their milk for our own brand. Committed to its founding principles of only using the freshest and highest-quality milk, Umpqua Dairy carefully contracts with independent Southern Oregon farmers who lovingly care for each dairy cow.


Gluten-Free Foods

  • At Market of Choice, you’ll find hundreds of gluten-free products from pastas, breads, entrees and beverages to condiments, snacks, desserts and many kid-friendly favorites. Shop the aisles for high-quality, gluten-free products made by trusted vendors, like Bob’s Red Mill, UDI's, Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss, Amy’s and Annie’s, among others.



Grocery Dept. Special

  • Jackson's Honest Potato Chips
    Jackson s Honest Potato Chips

    5 oz - Crunchy kettle chips cooked with coconut oil. Grab a bag of Sea Salt, Sweet Potato and other more.


    GOOD THRU 8/16 - 8/29/19