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My Market, My Gluten-Free Foods

We are Market of Choice. And one choice we love to provide is delicious, gluten-free foods.
From our aisles to our kitchen and bakery we have thousands of gluten-free items and items made with gluten-free ingredients for everyone to enjoy. To find them...
  • Look for the gluten-free icon on the shelves.
  • Always check the label to be sure it meets your requirements.
  • Ask about Gluten-Free Friendly options in the kitchen. These include many salads and soups, wok sauces and our pizzas, which can be made on a gluten-free crust.
  • Find Wheat-Free items made by our bakery. For foods made in a designated gluten-free facility, select from packaged goodies next to the bakery that are labeled Gluten-Free.
Save 20% on select gluten-free products.
Just look for the signs! 
Now thru 4/26/18.
Go to for helpful gluten-free information.


Grocery Dept. Special

  • Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
    Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    14 oz - Unrefined oil with the taste and subtle aroma of fresh coconut. Great for sautéing and baking. SAVE $2.50


    GOOD THRU 4/24 - 4/30/18