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Down those liquids

Wanna shrink the belly and cleanse the system? Try some spring cleaning! One sure-fire way to lose weight and clean house is to stop eating. Yeah right! So what else? Let's consider, then, something that will keep us from overeating. Hmmmm. Maybe a 24-hour nap? But we’d likely wake up starving, then stuff ourselves. Here’s an idea: Why not try a one or two day semi-liquid diet to shrink the belly? 

Market of Choice carries an array of great liquid options. What some culture? Not the hoity-toity kind. I mean some hard core, good-for-you stuff like Kombucha teas. We carry close to 50 varieties of Kombucha. It’s a good way to start to the day – just a few sips will get you good and cultured. (It takes more than a drink to make some us cultured.)
Try this next concoction on for size: Mix 3-4 oz water, 1 packet of Emergen C, and 2-3 oz of juice (a nice blueberry/cranberry juice will do just fine), then drink, slowly.
OK, by now your starting to get a little grumpy and growly down there. “Must have food!” your stomach says. So give in, but keep it light. Applesauce a little too boring for you? Try mango/apple, blackberry/apple cherry/apple blueberry/apple – you get the idea. It really does fill the void.
Starting to chew your nails? Wait, there’s more. In our juice cooler, you’ll find Protein CoGo, Monster C, carrot juice, smoothies, Sambazon, Bossa Nova, Frutzzo, Amazake, Odwalla, Genesis Juice, Naked Juice, Columbia Gorge Juice, V-8 and so on.
Don’t tear your hair out just yet. Maybe it’s time for some kefir or yogurt, (we even have soy, rice and coconut yogurt).
Still hanging in there? Then let’s move on to soups. Once again, we are going for smooth here – creamy soups not necessarily “cream soups.” Pacific Foods make some very good soups that will fill you up. Broths work well for keeping you in line, too. We carry a huge selection. Also try the Imagine Vegetable Broth – good stuff. Miso is very strengthening and makes a nice soup, as well. Keep it light and don’t feel bad if you go for a second bowl.
I know it’s getting tough. But just think, “If I can make it through one day of this, I can have a nice meal tomorrow.” The idea here is to get that stomach down in size. If you can make it two days, more power to you.

A short-term liquid diet shrinks the belly, which makes it easier to eat less in the days ahead. Try this as often as it feels good. Some might find it easy to do every other day. If you’re working out, consider a protein smoothie – we carry all kinds of protein powders,
Drink more water than usual. And make sure you can make it to the “facilities” on short notice.
I did this for just two days, lost 5 pounds and I feel marvelous. And it was easy! OK, now I’m just bragging.


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