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Market of Choice LogoOffering natural, organic and conventional choices side by side, we strive to provide customers a unique shopping experience. Whether you’re seeking everyday staples or something unusual, we have what you crave.
10 oz – What was once a counter-culture grocery store in Portland in 1976, King Harvest is now known for its great-tasting hummus. Made with garbanzo beans – also called chickpeas – as well as other simple ingredients, this thick and creamy hummus is full of fresh flavor. Choose from a variety. A healthy way to snack and great for entertaining. SAVE 80¢
Did you know?
"Garbanzo bean" is not only fun to say, it's also an excellent source of protein, folate, zinc and vitamins B6 and C!
Good Thru 5/26 - 6/8/17
16 oz – Made in Ashland, Pickled Planet fermented foods are loaded with beneficial microorganisms that play a vital role in keeping your body healthy and strong.
Unlike other fermenters, Pickled Planet uses a process that doesn’t involve vinegar, heat or pasteurization, retaining healthy vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and flavor.
Found in the chilled section of your Market, these pickled pleasures are sure to perk up your taste buds. Choose from a variety of raw sauerkrauts and other veggies. SAVE $2.30
10 oz – Full of flavor and intensity, Dragon's Breath Dank Sauces are the creation of Gervais, Oregon, martial arts teacher Cody Bell. An Oregon native, Bell's inspiration hit him like a lightning bolt after years of working in the food industry. 
Choose Original Dank Sauce for fish, sushi, tacos and Bloody Marys. It also adds the perfect amount of heat to our recipe for Spicy Prawn Salad with Lime Avocado Dressing, created by our artisan chef, featured in this issue of Savories. 
Or try Nopal Spicy Cactus Dank Sauce for steaks, gyros, chicken, sandwiches or anything wrapped in a tortilla!
1 pt – Made with coconut or cashew milk, So Delicious Dairy-Free desserts are crafted with people and the planet in mind. Made in Springfield, Oregon, these taste-tempting treats are created with vegan, Non-GMO, organic ingredients that undergo strict allergen testing. In addition to making delicious desserts, this do-the-right-thing company also places a premium on sustainability and treating their suppliers right. Dig into each pint, knowing that every sweet spoonful is something special.
10 oz – Judy and Paul Fuller have a knack for making the most out of the bounty that comes from the bushels of berries that grow in the Northwest. Crafted with care in Elmira, Oregon, Sweet Creek Foods Organic Fruit Spreads are made in small batches with the very best ingredients. Perfect for toast, PB&J, baking or as an accompaniment to your next cheese board, they add natural sweetness and fantastic flavor to all your favorites. Try Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Raspberry or Apricot. 
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Grocery Dept. Special

  • Lazzari Mesquite Charcoal
    Lazzari Mesquite Charcoal

    6.75 lb - This charcoal’s pure, natural wood smoke and high temperature give food a unique flavor.


    GOOD THRU 5/26 - 6/8/17

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