MOC Equity and Inclusion

After CEO Rick Wright released a statement about Black Lives Matter on June 12th, we talked with nearly every team member (1,300 at all stores) and held work sessions with our Equity and Inclusion Committee (EIC) to determine actions we can take to create long-lasting positive change throughout our company.

First, we are committing to doubling the size of our EIC and scheduling regular meetings. The EIC is comprised of internal and external subcommittees:

  • The internal subcommittee is scheduling listening sessions at each store, developing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training for all employees and expanding outreach and recruitment of BIPOC Team Members, as well as BIPOC Candidates for our management training programs.
  • The external subcommittee is focused on helping our local BIPOC vendor community by expanding outreach, streamlining the process to onboard more BIPOC food and beverage producers who meet our merchandising goals and suggesting where to donate resources.

We commit to providing updates as we go and building in accountability measures to keep us on course. Stay tuned for updates.

Published On: July 10th, 2020

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