Centerpiece Prime Rib

Fresh and flavorful, our Block & Blade provisions are perfect for special occasions and everyday meals. Whether you’re craving classic prime rib, a mouthwatering stuffed and custom-tied pork roast, thick-cut steaks, beautiful baby-back pork ribs, marinated chicken breasts or fresh salmon fillets, you’ll find it all right here.

Prime rib takes center stage

A traditional centerpiece of the holiday table is a perfectly cooked and carved Prime Rib of Beef. Our Market Butchers will trim your roast exactly how you want it. All of our beef is a product of the USA, humanely handled and antibiotic-free. You can reserve it cut and tied, with our special spiced herb rub ready to establish that ideal crust.

Pork Loin

Pork makes an impressive impression

Other excellent entrées include pork loin, gently stuffed with sweet, dried apricots and apples, mixed with herbs and spices. Or serve a Market of Choice Non-GMO ham, naturally smoked with only natural juices. Our favorite is the boneless spiral sliced ham, which is fork-tender and ready to heat and serve. Our recipe for Apple Cider Glaze for Ham is truly tasty and just right for the season.

Turkey Roulade

Traditional turkey or classic chicken

Prefer poultry? Our turkey roulade is fresh turkey breast butterflied and filled with our Market Kitchen-crafted cornbread stuffing, rolled, tied and ready for your oven. We also offer free-range and organic whole turkey and Northwest-raised chicken for roasting, as well as turkey breast.

Custom cuts, at your service

Our talented and skilled Butchers and Fishmongers are here to answer any questions and are always ready to create a custom cut. In addition, we prepare a wide range of value-added choices with our own recipes, such as grill-ready and pan-ready entrées that are seasoned, marinated and ready to cook for your convenience.

See our full holiday line-up and place your holiday reservation order online. Simply reserve your items 3 days in advance and pick up your order before 3 pm on Thanksgiving Day and before 6 pm on Christmas Eve.

When you’re ready to make your holiday meal, refer to our cooking instructions. And be sure to visit our recipe page for creative chef-tested recipes that will take your holiday centerpiece to new heights.

Published On: October 18th, 2021

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