As a family-owned and operated grocery store in Oregon, we understand the importance of reducing waste, minimizing packaging and recycling whenever possible. A recent change in the flow of global recyclables has presented several challenges for many countries, including the United States and especially along the West Coast.

These changes are an opportunity for us, as a business, to take a closer look at our own practices and determine what’s best for us, our consumers and our planet. We know that how we operate is important to our customers, and we’re actively working toward ways to be more sustainable every day.

Our current efforts include:
Researching the packaging chain, where and how it's made and where it ends up.
Considering ways to reduce and revamp the packaging of our own products.
Educating our employees about how and what to recycle.
Donating thousands of pounds of near-expiration foods to benefit local food pantries and composting what cannot be donated.
Encouraging customers to use reusable/recyclable grocery bags.
Offering reusable silverware and plates for customers who dine-in at our stores, wherever feasible.
Allowing customers to use their own containers for bulk foods purchases (containers must be inspected an weighed at checkout prior to filling them).
Applauding customers who bring in their own drink cups or choose reusable mugs at our Barista counters.

Reusable Containers
Federal and state laws are in place that limit us from allowing customers to bring in their own containers to be filled with prepared or raw foods, especially those that must be maintained within certain temperature ranges. The reason these rules are in place are related to health and public safety, due to the fact that there is no control over what has been in the containers, and how or if they’ve been washed. The only exception is foods that are considered “non-hazardous,” such as bulk foods; and beverages, like those served at our Barista or Fill Station counters.

For bulk foods, containers must be:
• Prewashed and dry
• Inspected and weighed by one of our cashiers, prior to filling

We understand that many of our customers are doing their best to reduce, reuse and recycle — and we support those efforts as much as the law will allow us.