Get crackin!

The peak of Oregon Dungeness Crab season runs from December to April, with the best supply hitting your Market Meat & Seafood Department in January. Watch for updates on supply and special pricing on our website, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

Get cookin!

You can purchase the crab whole and clean it yourself, or you can ask your Market Fishmonger to clean the crab for you. Some special utensils you’ll want to have on hand include seafood picks and seafood crackers; alternately, nut crackers work well in a pinch. Refrigerate whole crab until ready to eat.

Place uncooked crab in boiling salt water and cook 18-20 minutes or until the shell turns bright orange. Immerse in cold water. If the crab is precooked, boil 7-8 minutes.

Get cleaning!

  1. Flip up the “apron” on the bottom side of the crab and use your thumb to break it off at the back of the shell.
  2. Remove the top shell. Holding the base of the crab with one hand, place your thumb under the mid-point of the shell and pull it off. Gently scrap away the gills and wash the viscera under a heavy stream of cold water.
  3. Remove the mandibles. The mandibles are the mouthparts at the front of the crab. Crack them off and toss them out, then rinse until all that remains is the shell and meat.
  4. Turn the crab upside down, hold it on either side, and place your thumbs near the midline on the back. Push up with your thumbs and pull down with your hands; the crab should crack in half easily. Pull the pieces apart.

Enjoy every delicious bite!

Serve Oregon Dungeness Crab warm, straight from the shell and dipped in butter and served with lemon wedges for a mouthwatering treat. You can pick the meat out with a utensil or simply slurp it out. Or try one of these recipes.

For more information about Oregon Dungeness Crab, including nutritional information and more recipes, visit

Published On: December 29th, 2020

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