Watermelon Radish

I love slicing into a watermelon radish. At first glance, this root veggie looks humble and unassuming with its grubby, pale green skin. But the inside reveals a radiant pink interior.

An heirloom variety of the Chinese daikon radish, watermelon radishes are named for their bright pink interior and green skin, not for their taste. As members of the mustard family, these radishes are firm and crunchy with a mild, peppery flavor. You can find them at farmers markets and grocery stores in most parts of the U.S. from early fall through spring. Watermelon radishes grow best in mild climates and store remarkably well. You can recognize them by their size, which ranges from golf-ball to tennis-ball size, and by their pale green and white skin.


I’ve spent many years getting to know the Oregon farmers who grow the nutritious fruits and vegetables you’ll find at your Market of Choice. I value these relationships and the food they produce. Each season brings a new crop of colorful varieties. Stop by your Market Produce Department to see what’s new, fresh and in season!

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