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Roseline Coffee Roasters

Marty Lopes found his niche roasting high quality coffees while working for some of Portland’s better espresso bars and roasteries. In 2012, he broke out on his own and founded his boutique business, Roseline Coffee Roasters. As the sole roaster, Marty finds the hands-on process uniquely fulfilling. Operating from a stately red, historic brick building in Portland, Roseline chooses its growers carefully, roasts coffee impeccably and delivers it to your Market for an exceptional home-brewed cup.


Coffee Dept. Special

  • Badbeard's Guatemala La Morena
    Badbeard s Guatemala La Morena

    12 oz - The cup shows brown sugar, dark chocolate, walnut, medium body and mild acidity. Badbeard is a small Portland roaster specializing in outstanding microlots.


    GOOD THRU 1/19 - 2/1/18