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Roseline Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2012 by an experienced niche coffee roaster, Roseline Coffee operates from a stately red, historic brick building in Portland. Roseline chooses its growers carefully, roasts coffee impeccably and delivers it to your Market for an exceptional home-brewed cup. Rather than seeking to mask a coffee's given varietal, its terroir or processing, Roseline highlights those properties, knowing they'll ultimately contribute to the aesthetic and enjoyment of the coffee.


Coffee Dept. Special

  • Case Colombia La Joya
    Case Colombia La Joya

    12 oz - High-altitude coffee from the farm of Yermy Pedraza. Dried on raised beds, it shows notes of peach, honey, caramel, dark chocolate, blackberry and red wine.


    GOOD THRU 1/24 - 2/6/20