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Vul Coffee Roasters
Coffee from the heart

Theirs is a story of love lost and found. Chris Holmes and Monica Murray met as teens,
lost touch, then reconnected over cappuccinos nearly 30 years later. Coffee has since held a special meaning for them and eventually became their business. “Understanding that coffee is a seed with very deep connections to people, politics and the land are what we enjoy exploring,” Monica says.

Based in Salem, Oregon, Vul Coffee Roasters creates small-lot coffees in 2- to 15-pound batches, using organic and Fair Trade beans. You’ll find their roasts in the specialty coffee section of your Market.


Coffee Dept. Special

  • Roseline Guatemala El Pilar
    Roseline Guatemala El Pilar

    12 oz - Finca El Pilar is near the city of Antigua and has some trees that are over 60 years old. It displays tropical fruit and maple syrup when cupped.


    GOOD THRU 10/12 - 10/25/18
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