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Vul Coffee Roasters
Coffee from the heart

Theirs is a story of love lost and found. Chris Holmes and Monica Murray met as teens,
lost touch, then reconnected over cappuccinos nearly 30 years later. Coffee has since held a special meaning for them and eventually became their business. “Understanding that coffee is a seed with very deep connections to people, politics and the land are what we enjoy exploring,” Monica says.

Based in Salem, Oregon, Vul Coffee Roasters creates small-lot coffees in 2- to 15-pound batches, using organic and Fair Trade beans. You’ll find their roasts in the specialty coffee section of your Market.


Coffee Dept. Special

  • Badbeard's Guatemala La Morena
    Badbeard s Guatemala La Morena

    12 oz - The cup shows brown sugar, dark chocolate, walnut, medium body and mild acidity. Badbeard is a small Portland roaster specializing in outstanding microlots.


    GOOD THRU 1/19 - 2/1/18