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Coffee at Willamette
Ryan ShoopThe morning doesn’t exist for me until I’ve had a cup of coffee. It’s the perfect way to start the day and I don’t start any of mine without it, says Willamette Coffee Steward Ryan Shoop. Brew yourself a cup and ponder Ryan’s thoughts on coffee.
It just doesn't feel like the day fully begins until coffee has been consumed, at least not for this steward. Fortunately, coffee is everywhere to be found, but the options can be a bit cumbersome. When in doubt, go local!
Tailored Coffee, which is located in Eugene, is currently available at your Willamette Market. Here are our current offerings, subject to change.
Locomotive Blend
This seasonal espresso offers richness with a light touch of acidity. Absolutely the right choice for a full-bodied morning pick-me-up. 340grams/$15.99 per bag
Guatemala Miramundo
This coffee brings forth bright fruit notes with a light, sweet finish. A crisp coffee to open up the taste buds, as well as the eyes. 340grams/$16.99 per bag
Ethiopia Chelelektu
Here we have a smooth coffee with tinges of lemon to cut through the richness. Exactly what you would both want and hope for in an Ethiopian coffee. 340grams/$16.99 per bag
Tailored Coffee is always looking for the best beans they can find, which means their offerings will change continually. Look to your Market for what's fresh and available. 

Coffee Dept. Special

  • Upper Left Guatemala Guatemalteco
    Upper Left Guatemala Guatemalteco

    12 oz - A blend of small farm and co-op coffees from Guatemala, this balanced, rich coffee has notes of chocolate, tree nuts and refreshing acidity.


    GOOD THRU 4/13 - 4/26/18